Departmental Assessments Accommodations

The DS liaises with the Examinations Office in relation to reasonable accommodations in formal semester examinations. However, with respect to in-class assessments or examinations not organised via the Examinations Office, the DS specifically requests in the LENS or by the email sent to the student that Schools and Departments should apply reasonable accommodations for such assessments. 

Therefore, prior to setting dates / venues for in-class assessment, the following steps should be taken by academic staff:

  • Identify students who have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service
  • Identify the reasonable accommodations required which are specified in the LENS
  • Where necessary, contact the Disability Service for advice on providing stated reasonable accommodations.

Student responsibilities for departmental assessments/course tests

  • Students are required to initiate contact with the School/Department and request reasonable accommodations as per your LENS report, or email received following you needs assessment for particular assessments for School/ Department administered assessment.  You are advised to make contact at least two weeks prior to the assessment date to enable adjustments to be implemented.

You should contact:

  • The administrator/executive officer or Lecturer for module being assessed. When making contact with the Administrator/Executive Officer or academic to discuss your needs, you should bring a copy of your LENS report, or the Exam accommodation email sent to you by the DS.  This enables academics and Administrator/Executive Officer to ensure that exam accommodations are current and that you have a validated basis for requesting in-house accommodations. 
  • The Administrator/Executive Officer will arrange for the appropriate exam accommodations to be put in place including organising the venue as well as notifying you and the relevant academic staff of the arrangements.