The Trinity Disability Service maintains a webpage on its website that provides information about previous interns who have participated in its internship program. This page is designed to showcase the achievements of past interns and to provide potential future interns with an idea of what they can expect from the program.

The page includes profiles of previous interns, which typically include their name, photo, major or program of study, and a brief description of the work they did during their internship. The profiles also often highlight the skills the interns gained during their time at the internship, as well as any notable accomplishments or achievements.

By providing information about previous interns, the Trinity Disability Service hopes to encourage other students with disabilities to consider participating in the internship program. The profiles can also help potential employers to better understand the value of employing interns with disabilities, and to appreciate the unique skills and perspectives that these interns can bring to the workplace.

Summer Internships

Summer interns will be part of a supportive community here within the Disability Service. This may be a student’s first experience in employment, and we want to ensure that it is accessible and inclusive. The following support will be provided to all summer interns:

  • Induction programme
  • Optional needs assessment
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Advice on disability in the workplace
  • Weekly peer-support meetings
  • Continued Occupational Therapy support 

Link to Summer internship page