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The Disability Service Team offer in-person student appointments, as well as, appointments via Microsoft Teams/Skype, phone or email. Click on any of the images below to book an appointment with a member of the Disability Service team.

Trinity Disability Service Student Meeting Guideline 2020/21

In response to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions in place, but also in recognition of the changing ways in which we connect with students, the Disability Service and the Ability Co-op have devised the following guidance to clearly outline the formats and procedures related to Disability Service student meetings for the academic year 2020/21.

Where possible for the upcoming academic year, we will endeavour to meet with students in person. However, in recognition of the blended learning environment that will be in place for the upcoming academic year, and nature of the on-going restrictions in place nationally, we are available to meet online via MS Teams, phone, email or text. In addition, students who are not regularly on campus for disability-related reasons or for other reasons such as off-campus location or placement/internship, we will also be using the alternative meeting formats outlined within the policy.