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Trinity Students with Disabilities Ambassador Programme


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We are a really fun group to be around! Don't believe us? Read some testimonials from our fellow Ambassadors.


I joined the DS Ambassador Programme in order to rebalance my personal identity after my diagnosis. Many people were telling me not to disclose or to advertise my disability, so I joined the Ambassadors in order to see how others coped with this balance. What I found was an open environment in which our differences were viewed as strengths. I have learned through the process of helping other students on their journey within Trinity, that the stigma can only be broken through our own willingness to share our stories and strengthen our community.


Luke -

I got involved in the DS Ambassador Programme to not only expand my interaction throughout university but also to try and reinforce the message that at University people are more alike than they are different, and that this level of diversity includes people with disabilities. I think the Ambassador Programme has the ability to emphasis to all students, especially those with a disability, that their potential for happiness and success in life is unlimited and that in university they can live and express who they really are. It has been my privilege to be involved in the DS Ambassador Programme.

Student Blog

The Disability Service Ambassador blog is run by students, for students, and is an invaluable source of information about the Disability Service from a student perspective.