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There are a number of projects that fall under the remit of the Digital Communications Strategy Programme:

iTunes U Video/Audio Content

This project has a particular emphasis on the publication of content externally. The ultimate aims of this project are to streamline and improve the process for the production and publication of video and audio content to TCD online channels such as the public iTunes U site and YouTube. The distribution of this content to Trinity online channels presents College with a very effective method of communicating with its various stakeholders and has the potential to reach a global audience quickly and easily. It offers academics and researchers an opportunity to promote their work in a variety of formats and provide access to/from remote locations.

Whilst keeping in line with recommended best practice and by developing a content strategy we aim to ensure a constant flow of quality content for publication which reflects the breadth and depth of College’s teaching, learning, research and outreach activities thus keeping in line with the objectives of the College’s Strategic Plan 2009‐2014.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The College Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will be upgraded in 2011.  The new VLE will be chosen from a choice of modern systems and will offer a cohort of tools, e.g.  learning development,  collaboration, and assessment tools to support quality learning and teaching. It is proposed that the new system, to be available in October 2011, will integrate with College student data systems.

Podcasting/iTunes U infrastucture

This project has a particular emphasis on the internal environment. The podcasting infrastructure project within TCD is charged with making the recording and delivery of podcasts as easy and seamless as possible for the end user. There are three key areas of podcasting that the project will contribute to including academic, administrative and external uses. The project also aims to build on the existing infrastructure which currently includes 17 theatres with podcasting equipment, a number of other theatres that have been configured to facilitate the easy recording of audio from the inbuilt PA systems, and a number of loan macbooks which can be borrowed by end users in order to make podcasts. In addition it is intended to upgrade the server infrastructure as part of the project.

'TCD Students' iPhone App

TCD is one of the first institutions to implement a new type of application (app) for mobile devices developed by oMbiel, which will be called, 'TCD Students'. Students will be able to access already published information such as, university news and events, campus maps, library records, timetables, staff contacts etc. via a central location on a mobile device.

Initially, the app will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Versions of the app that are compatible with other smartphone devices (BlackBerry OS and Android OS) are currently being tested. Additional versions of the app are being developed by oMbiel including TCD Visitors, TCD Open Days and TCD Conferences. While mobile device apps have been available for many years on some platforms, the iPhone has transformed their use from niche to mainstream. Apps can help inform and transform both teaching and learning, and the student experience.

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