Evangelia Rigaki

Assistant Professor, Music, Creative Arts


+353 1896 4270


Evangelia Rigaki has a diverse compositional portfolio ranging from instrumental works to experimental music theatre, dance, performance art, installation and opera. Her compositions are rooted in instrumental theatre and experimental music theatre and she is collaborating closely with musicians, singers and writers/ poets.

Evangelia joined Trinity in September 2010 and teaches undergraduate and postrgraduate courses. She is the founding Director of the 'MPhil in Composition' in 2012 and also curates the 'Music Composition Centre's public lectures and public Masterclasses. Since June 2020 she is the Head of the Music Department.

In March 2014 she organized the International Composition Conference, 'Composition in the 21st Century' which featured Sir. Harrison Birwistle as the keynote speaker.

Selected recent projects include: the installation opera 'This Hostel Life' based on the same titled book by Melatu Uche Okorie, Irish National Opera, 2019, 'While The World Misbehaves, the Baby Must Hide in the Beehive',libretto by W.N. Herbert, for 6 Dancing Percussionists, written for Richard O Donnell and the 20th Anniversary of RIAM's 'Percussion Ensemble' premiered in New York University, 2018, the object music theatre piece 'Monsieur Jean & Monsieur Jean', 2015, premiered by Ensemble Lucilin in Luxembourg, the installation 'The Pregnant Box', 2014, libretto by W.N. Herbert & Catherine Conlon, written for solo singer and solo flute player in a specially constructed confession box, and a wandering choir, the Arts Council funded opera "AntiMidas, or, Bankers in Hades', libretto by W.N. Herbert,2013.

Evangelia is currently working on the VR & AR opera VR(iadne), libretto by W.N. Herbert in collaboration with the VSense team in TCD.

Evangelia Rigaki's current PhD Students at Trinity are researching: 'On the Move: Investigating processes of composition using visual/dramatic/physical elements and extended techniques with a focus on solos, mixed ensembles, and the marching arts.' (Linsday Vincent), 'Melting the Boundaries : Integrating Ethnic Instruments into Western Art Music.'(Meg Stoops),'Composing the Uncertainty - Exploring different possibilities of indeterminacy in composition and developing notations to encourage improvisation.'(Kai Chung Fung),'Theatrical Elements and Musical Dramaturgy in Contemporary Music' (Manos Markantonis).

Completed PhD in Composition Portfolios include the following:

- Brian Keegan, 'Evolving Sounds - PhD Porfolio of Compositions', 2018.

- Elis Czerniak, 'PhD Portfolio of Compositions', 2018.

- Cobi Van Tonder, 'Sublime Dissonance - PhD Portfolio of Compositions', 2017.

- Jenn Kirby,'PhD Portfolio of Compositions', 2015.

- Hugh O'Neill, 'The Use of Gesture and Found Information in the Generation of Musical Material - PhD Portfolio of Compositions', 2015.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Evangelia Rigaki, Melatu Uche Okorie, 'This Hostel Life, Opera-Installation', Irish National Opera, 2019, -Musical Score, 2019

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N.Herbert, 'AntiMidas, or, Bankers in Hades, Opera', Beckett Theatre, Dublin, Arts Council, 2013, -Musical Score, 2013

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N.Herbert, Aljosa Smolic, 'VRiadne [a VR & AR opera]', 2020, -Musical Score, 2020

Evangelia Rigaki Composer, Agnes Limbos Director, 'Monsieur Jean & Monsieur Jean, object music-theatre', Rottundes, Luxembourg, 2015, -Musical Score, 2015

Evangelia Rigaki Music, W.N. Herbert, Words, 'While the World Misbehaves, The Baby Must Hide in the Beehive', Composition for 6 Percussionists, New York University, Lehman College New York, CMC, 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki , 'OTMEN [Breath] for pianist & optional audience participation', Cathy Krier, Festival Debussy, CAPe Ettelbrück (LU) -12th july 2019 -> Rosazzo Vigne Museum (Italy) - 28th September 2020 -> Frauenkirche Dresden, Germany , 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Lubna Gem Arielle Words, Evangelia Rigaki Music, Aljosa Smolic, 'Bridging the Blue', V-Sense, Trinity College Dublin, 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki Music & W.N. Herbert Words, 'Lost Ships List, for Ria Georgiadis & Sven Birch', Alte Schmiede Wien, 19 June, 2018, Contemporary Music Centre, CMC, 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki Music & W.N. Herbert Words, 'In the Oubliette', V-Sense, Trinity College Dublin , V-Sense, Contemporary Music Centre, 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N. Herbert (words) , 'If Words Are Water', Christ Church, Taney, Dundrum/New York University, School of Music/ Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College/Lehman College School of Music,, 2020, -Musical Score, 2020

Evangelia Rigaki, Sjaron Minailo, ''Hadith Al Rouh' (Dutch title: Gesprekken Van De Ziel)', Operadagen Rotterdam Festival, May, Operadagen Rotterdam Festival, May, 2009, -Musical Score, 2009

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Taste I/II/III', Bill Dowdall, Royal Irish Academy of Music, 2017, -Musical Score, 2017

Evangelia Rigaki, The Pregnant Box, genesis and develoment. , Music Department, University of Glasgow17 February, 2016Invited Talk, 2016

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N. Herbert, Darren Ellis, 'Little Instruments of Apprehension', Tete a Tete Opera Festival London, 2009, -Musical Score, 2009

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Playthings', Inspired by Michael Cronin's (French Department, TCD) same titled chapter from the book 'Time Tracks, Scenes from the Irish Everyday'. , Bill Dowdall, Music Dpt Ionion University, Greece, Contemporary Music Centre, CMC, 2018, -Musical Score, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki creator/composer, Libretto: W.N. Herbert, Catherine Conlon, 'The Pregnant Box', Trinity College Dublin, Front Square, 2014, -Exhibition, 2014

Evangelia Rigaki, 'The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant': The Post-minimalist Gerald Barry?, Third International Conference on Music and MinimalismLeuven12-15 October, 2011Conference Paper, 2011

Evangelia Rigaki, Singing the Unutterable: Extended vocal techniques for dramatic purposes in contemporary opera & music theatre, Song, Stage and Screen ConferenceUniversity of WinchesterSeptember , 2010Conference Paper, 2010

Evangelia Rigaki, Constantine Cavafy, 'Exiles', Ostadetheater, Amsterdam, December, 2009, -Musical Score, 2009

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Tutare, For 4 tabla players and 4 percussionists,', Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 2009, -Musical Score, 2009

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N.Herbert, 'Lullabaloo', Riverside Studios, London,Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival, August 2010, 2010, -Musical Score, 2010

Evangelia Rigaki Words: Tamsin Collison, Director: John Lloyd Davies,, ''Professional Suicide'', Linbury Studio (Royal Opera House 2), January 2011, 2011, -Musical Score, 2011

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Poios Ekane Pipi sto Missisipi', Pais Opera Festival, Opera of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008, -Musical Score, 2008

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N.Herbert, 'Bumblepuppy', Tete a Tete Opera Festival London, 2008, -Musical Score, 2008

Evangelia Rigaki, Darren Ellis, 'Tempt My Better Angel', The Place, London, 2007, -Musical Score, 2007

Evangelia Rigaki, Lucilin Ensemble, Marcel Reuter, Abbaye de Neumünster, Composition Summer School 2015, 2015, -Miscellaneous, 2015

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Evocation', String Trio written for Kirkos Ensemble, 2012, -Musical Score, 2012

Evangelia Rigaki , 'The Dress I Wear', BBC Singers, 2007, -Musical Score, 2007

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Music', Trinity College Chapel, cond. Jane Alden, 2016, -Musical Score, 2016

Evangelia Rigaki, 'String Quartet', Barbirolli Quartet, Cheltenham Festival, July , 2008, -Musical Score, 2008

Evangelia Rigaki, Waterford New Music Week Composition Today , Composition TodayWIT College7 March , 2017, WIT CollegeInvited Talk, 2017 URL

Evangelia Rigaki, Constantine Cavafy, 'Antonius is Forsaken by His God', Manchester Cathedral, , John Armitage Memorial Concert (JAM), March , 2009, -Musical Score, 2009

Evangelia Rigaki, Discussion with Sir Harrison Birtwistle & Evangelia Rigaki, 2014, -Miscellaneous, 2014 URL

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Dyarchia', Written for and priemered by Ensemble Amorpha, London, The Forge, March , 2010, -Musical Score, 2010

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Departed', Michelle O'Rourke, Creative Lab, New Music Dublin Festival, 2012, -Musical Score, 2012

Evangelia Rigaki, 'To Be Elsewhere', Avalon Ensemble, Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin , 2011, -Musical Score, 2011 URL

Evangelia Rigaki, Analysis and discussion of my recent compositions. , Music Department, University of BrunelMarch 2016, 2016, Music Department University of BrunelInvited Talk, 2016

Evangelia Rigaki, Experimental Music Theatre, DIT College of MusicMarch 2015, 2015Invited Talk, 2015

Evangelia Rigaki, 'Exploring Notions of Theatricality in Music', UCD School of Music15 October, 2012Invited Talk, 2012

Evangelia Rigaki, Evangelia Rigaki discusses her recent compositions., Evangelia Rigaki discusses her recent compositions.Music Department University of Bristol15 March, 2011, Music Department, University of BristolInvited Talk, 2011

Evangelia Rigaki, On Music and Collaboration, 17 February, 2010, Music Department, University of SussexInvited Talk, 2010

Evangelia Rigaki, Lucilin Ensemble, Marcel Reuter, Abbaye de Neumünster, Composition Summer School 2015 , In:Composition Summer School 2015 , 2015, Abbaye de NeumünsterMeetings /Conferences Organised, 2015 URL

Hugh O'Neill, The Use of Gesture and Found Information in the Generation of Musical Material - PhD Portfolio of Compositions, 2015Thesis, 2015

Jenn Kirby, PhD Portfolio of Compositions, 2015Thesis, 2015

Cobi Van Tonder, Sublime Dissonance - PhD Portfolio of Compositions, 2017Thesis, 2017

Elis Czerniak, PhD Portfolio of Compositions, 2018Thesis, 2018

Brian Keegan, 'Evolving Sounds - PhD Porfolio of Compositions', 2018Thesis, 2018

Evangelia Rigaki, W.N.Herbert, 'Ode to Debt', Crash Ensemble, Beckett Theatre, 2012, -Musical Score, 2012 URL

Research Expertise

    • Title
      • Monsieur Jean & Monsieur Jean
    • Summary
      • Object Music Theatre, Director Agnes Limbos, Lucilin Ensemble
    • Funding Agency
      • Rotondes, Luxembourg & Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg
    • Date From
      • September 2015
    • Date To
      • April 2015


    • Title
      • The Pregnant Box
    • Summary
      • Words by W.N. Herbert, after a text by Catherine Conlon Written for singer and flutist in a specially constructed confession box and a wandering choir.
    • Funding Agency
      • Research Night TCD & Long Room Hub
    • Date To
      • September 2014
    • Title
      • AntiMidas, or, Bankers in Hades
    • Summary
      • Words: W.N. Herbert, Director: John Lloyd Davies, Beckett Theatre, Dublin, December 2013
    • Funding Agency
      • Arts Council IE
    • Date From
      • 2012
    • Date To
      • December 2013


    • Title
      • 'Little Instruments of Apprehension'
    • Summary
      • Words: W.N. Herbert Choreography: Darren Ellis, First Performance: Riverside Studios, London, Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival, August 2009
    • Date To
      • 2009


    • Title
      • 'Tutare'
    • Summary
      • For 4 tabla players and 4 percussionists, First performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, April 2009
    • Date To
      • 2009
    • Title
      • 'Hadith Al Rouh' (Dutch title: Gesprekken Van De Ziel)
    • Summary
      • Words: Sjaron Minailo (after the song 'Hadith Al Rouh' by Oum Kalthoum), Director: Sjaron Minailo, First Performance: Operadagen Rotterdam Festival, May 2009
    • Date To
      • 2009


    • Title
      • '...but only water'
    • Summary
      • For prepared percussion, premiered by Matthew Jenkins, Darmstadt Internation Summer Couse (IMD), Studio Concert, July 2008
    • Date To
      • 2008

Publications and Further Research Outputs

    Irish National Opera Studio, Selected Composer for 2018 - 192018 -19

    Commission by Cultural Ministry of Luxembourg for 'OTMEN'2018

    Opera Project Award (Presentation), Arts Council IE2012

    Opera Project Award (Development), Arts Council IE2012

    Royal Opera House, Composition Residency (VOX 2)2010

    Die Neuköllner Oper, Composition Residency (Open Forum Stipendiat)2010

    Arts Council UK and SPNM Composition Residency for Researching Notation for Tabla (alongside other composers and percussionists)2009

    ENMR (European Network for Musicological Research) Fellowship for post-doctoral research at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin2008

    Britten-Pears Young Artist Composition Residency (New Music-New Media), Aldeburgh2008

    Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, Composition Residency, Aldeburgh2007

    Opera Writing Composition Residency, Aldeburgh2006

Contemporary Music Centre, IrelandJanuary 2013

Shortlisted Composer for Society for Promotion of New Music, UK (former named SPNM)2006 – 2009