Christine Margaret Poulter

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Drama, Creative Arts


Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Poulter C, 'What if' - someone could speak for you and your fears?: a role for story and song for patients-in-waiting and those who will tend them' , 'Tell Me About' public lecture series 2013/14 School of Nursing and Midwifery, TCD24th April , 2014, Jeni Ryan, School of Nursing and Midwifery, TCDInvited Talk, 2014

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All Drama entries, Longman-Penguin Encyclopaedia, [Poulter C]Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc,

Poulter C, In-Visibility: Borrowing from Drama training to fast-track the welcome and soothe the sensitivity ... in/to third-level education, GUIDE (Galway University Integration through Drama and Education) Symposium National University of Ireland, Galway 31 January 2015, 2015Conference Paper, 2015

Poulter C, The Theatre and the Visual Arts in Ireland, Trajectories in Irish ModernismVisual, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Carlow3rd April, 2014, Curated by Catherine MarshallInvited Talk, 2014

Research Expertise

    • Title
      • Visions
    • Summary
      • The design and pilot of a cross-border schools exchange programme working with actors and painters for the Primary programme, actors and film-makers for the secondary programme. The aim of the project was to develop an arts-based exchange programme that would serve the peace-building mission of Co-operation Ireland. The project was also designed as a professional development and mentored apprenticeship for the artists, developing facilitation skills, project design and collaborative working practices. Teachers received induction and training as well as contributing to the evaluation and development of the model for year two and again for final evaluation.
    • Funding Agency
      • Co-Operation Ireland
    • Date From
      • 2003
    • Date To
      • 2005


    • Title
      • The Quest
    • Summary
      • The development of a model engaging village elders in the primary school local history programme,from which the children produced artwork which then formed the basis for commisioning a professional sculptor to create a sculpture for the school, reflecting the children's artwork. The sculpture was then interpreted by the children for visiting actors (The Questors) who then borrowed the sculpture in the summer holidays and developed a street theatre piece with teenagers from each of the 9 villages involved in the programme. The street theatre told the stories of the villages as it took an audience round the sculpture trail created by bringing all 9 sculptures to each village for their summer festival/fair.
    • Funding Agency
      • Down Community Arts
    • Date From
      • 1994
    • Date To
      • 1996

Alternative Modes Education; Arts in Education; Bilingual/Bicultural Education; Bullying; Children/Youth; Citizenship; Communications; Community Drama; Community/Outreach Programs; Conflict/Dispute Resolution; Continuing Professional Development; Cross-Cultural Studies; Cultural Diversity; Cultural Identity; Directing; Drama; Dramatic/Theatre Arts; Innovation in learning; Inter-Arts--Interdisciplinary Art Forms; Intercultural Communications; Interculturalism; International Education/Training; Irish theatre; Irish writing, poetry, Drama, cinema; Language Acquisition and Development; Leadership Development; Learning Motivation; Lifelong Learning; Multicultural Society; Nonverbal Communication; Oral History; Peace/Disarmament/Amnesty; Performing Arts; Play; Teacher Education; Visual Arts; Youth Development/Leadership

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Member Theatre Forum (Ireland)

Board member IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts))2002 – ongoing

Association of Drama Adjudicators2007 – 2015