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Spread across 47 acres in Dublin’s city centre, Trinity’s 17,000-strong student body comes from all 32 counties of Ireland, and 16% of students come from outside the country.


Alex Bertoni
Graduate 2013

In filmmaking, I have a found a passion that I think I will pursue for the rest of my life, and Trinity College's help allowed me to discover this. This year, I am serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer, teaching at-risk youth English and Filmmaking. Thanks to a grant I received, I have set up a DSLR film rig and an editing bay in my host school, and have been teaching students the ins and outs of filmmaking, film language, and even some film history. The first film that I've finished with the students is titled Learn which is a documentary about service-learning in our school. Needless to say, I am very happy with how things are going, and I can say with certainty I would not be where I am now if not for the help of the staff of the Trinity Film Studies Department provided to me during my time in Dublin.

Heather Browning
Graduate 2012

Since graduating from Trinity in 2012 with a degree in English and Film Studies, I decided to pursue an M.Litt Research Degree in Film. I really benefitted from my time as an undergraduate because it opened my eyes up to the world of Film which I had little knowledge of before I began. I learnt an awful lot about the subject from a historical, theoretical and cultural perspective, and gained some great analytical and practical filmmaking skills in the process. Having spent a lot of time working on my final year dissertation, I realised that studying Film was something I really enjoyed and so I was inspired to pursue it at postgraduate level. Apart from my academic work, I also co-created a documentary called X is for Anonymous which was shown as part of Screen for Choice at Filmbase in September 2012 and was also included in an event called Motherhood held during Belfast Film Festival 2013. Currently, I am reviewing films for an online publication Hi! Magazine and will be contributing an opinion piece on Film in an upcoming magazine.