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Metrology & Characterisation

CRANN research is interested in developing methodologies for imaging and measuring the mechanical properties of nanoscale systems. Research interests include atomic-resolution aberration corrected electron microscopy, methodologies for measuring the mechanical properties of nanoscale systems, understanding the nature of contacts that are formed between conducting metallic lead to single nanoscale objects, and applications of scanning helium ion microscopy (SHIM) that are promising in sub-nanometre analysis, metrology, machinery, and fabrication.

The CRANN Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) is a custom designed, 6,000 square foot facility, located in the Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus. The centre houses a critical mass of high end scanning and imaging electron and ion beam microscopes for sample imaging down to atomic resolution, materials analytics/characterisation, and nanofabrication. For more information on CRANN Metrology & Characterisation research please email colm.mcatamney at