Postgraduate Certificate in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship



Creative and Cultural entrepreneurship is defined by those who practice it; the mindsets that drive them, the principles they employ to accomplish their work, and the impact that work has on the wider community.

On this practical Postgraduate Certificate (Level 9) in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, participants will learn everything that they need to develop, manage, and thrive as a creative and/or cultural entrepreneur, even if they do not have any previous business experience. The ability to make meaningful creative and cultural contributions to society through an economically viable and sustainable model is a unique skill, one that should be nurtured and developed over time. Participants on this programme will have access to networking opportunities with potential collaborators, mentors and investors. Participants will collaborate across disciplines, bringing together people with diverse yet complementary skill sets and backgrounds.


In-person classes will take place in Galway (exact location TBC) and Dublin on the Tangent floor of the Trinity campus in the new Trinity Business School.




Commences January 2022, closing date 1st October 2021. This course is offered 2 evenings per week over 24 weeks.


Postgraduate Certificate (Level 9).

Course Fees

This course is funded by Springboard+. For employed participants, 90% of the course fee will be funded by the Government, with participants required to contribute just 10% of the fee.


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