European Architecture in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries



This module will focus on some of the most important architects working in Europe during the six-teenth and seventeenth centuries. It will be organised around key architects and their works will be studied together with their theoretical production. The module aims to introduce students to the ideas shaping architecture in the period 1500-1700, to examine the relationship of theory and practice and to consider how architectural ideas were presented. It will use material from the Early Printed Book collection and students will study both books and buildings.

Lecturer: Dr Marie Elisa Morales.

Date, Time, and Place

Monday 1pm and Wednesdays 4pm. Venue to be confirmed. Please see https:// for updates.


This lecture-only module comprises of two lectures per week over one term commencing in September 2022.

Course Fees

€150 for the course. The concession rate for the course is €75.* * The concession rate is available to second and third level students and people whose primary source of income is a Social Welfare pension or payment, Jobseekers, Health Board or a government-sponsored employment scheme.


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