Managing People in Healthcare Organisations



This short course covers three interrelated subject areas: Management and organisational behaviour, human resource management, and organisation development.

Throughout the course, there is a strong focus on creating a learning environment that enables students to:

  • Explore and analyse best practice models, theories and approaches for each subject area.
  • Reflect on and apply best practice in the context of their own organisation and experience.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage people, teams and change in healthcare settings.

By the end of the course, participants should:

  • Understand and apply theories of organisational behaviour at group and individual level.
  • Understand key human resource management theories, models and activities, and be able to apply them to organisational settings.
  • Understand and be able to apply theories of organisation development and change to organisational settings.
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of best practice in managing people in healthcare systems.

Date, Time, and Place

This short course is delivered over two blocks of time, each four weeks-long and run on a Thursday or Friday. Block 1 (Management and Organisational Behaviour; Organisation Development) will commence in November 2023. Block 2 (Human Resource Management) is scheduled to start in March 2024. 

Classes are taught through a combination of tutorials that are live online; pre-recorded; and live on the Trinity campus. Precise dates on delivery modes can be provided to interested applicants on request.

For more information, email:

Course Fees

€2,165 (excluding application fee).


Applicants should hold an upper second-class (2.1) honours degree in a relevant health or sciences discipline or hold other qualifications deemed appropriate by the course committee. Applicants with good health service management experience will also be considered. The application period closes in October before the course commences.

Interested applicants should contact the Centre of Health Policy and Management:


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