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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Student Testimonials
Here we have an interview with a student on the Irish Studies programme. Click on the arrow in the centre to start the video.

Further Testimonials

Jordan Followwill:
Where you choose to go to university is as important as what you choose to study when you’re there. Being able to attend the premier university in Ireland in the centre of Dublin and study Irish history, literature, language and culture is a unique experience. The location allows easy access to sites of historial and literary significance, enabling you to experience first-hand what you are studying in the lecture hall. The interdisciplinary nature of the course is one of the most amazing aspects of Irish Studies, as you can explore several avenues of study simultaneously across different disciplines – politics and poetry, history and linguistics, geography and culture. Instead of limiting yourself to one subject, you can focus on a wide range of topics while you pursue your studies, thereby heightening your appreciation of multiple subjects studied in tandem. It is an excellent and rewarding academic challenge. One of my favourite aspects of this course, which I believe is unique to Trinity, is that many of the leading scholars of Irish Studies are on staff at Trinity and are often course lecturers. It is truly remarkable to read a book in the library and to have the option, as an undergraduate, to run upstairs and ask the author of that book a question. The expertise that is available at Trinity in support of this course makes Irish Studies exceptional.

Alison Meagher:
I chose Irish Studies because it provided a much broader choice of my subjects of interest than a regular TSM (two-subject moderatorship) – History, Irish Language, Literature, Geography, Film Studies and Politics to name a few. I hoped that experiencing such a wide range of studies would give me a far better grounding for when I would eventually come to choose a career path or a field of further study. Throughout the past four years our class has had an unrivalled academic experience and we've always been really lucky in that, year on year, we've been able to choose classes which suit our interests and abilities and our lecturers have always been on hand to give much-appreciated guidance. Irish Studies has also afforded us the opportunity to take our learning out of the classroom with several field trips to places of cultural and historical interest around the country as well as a two-month residency in the Gaeltacht. I feel that Irish Studies allowed me the chance to take my degree in the direction which best suited me as well as providing a fantastic platform for further study and training.

Caitlín Nic Íomhair:
Though I didn’t consciously look for an interdisciplinary course, Irish Studies was the obvious choice when I found it. I was excited by the idea of studying my own culture intensely and widely. I knew I wanted to study the Irish language, and had considered both English and History as possible subjects to complement it. Though on paper Irish Studies might look like a Three Subject Moderatorship, the program’s greatest strength is how the different strands interact closely with each other. Combining knowledge from the other disciplines provides a fresh perspective on each, and put together they give us a detailed understanding of Irish culture. As well as closely studying three related subjects, Irish Studies is unique in combining them in a fourth, collaborative element which uses them for a broader, critical study of perspectives and experiences of Irishness. It is very interesting to see how the three core subjects challenge and support each other. While the interdisciplinary process can be challenging and provocative, the result is a reflective understanding of Irish culture firmly rooted in the language, literature and history of the country. This enriches our understanding of each discipline, and gives us a unique and informed perspective of the nation as a whole.

Paul Smith:
I retired from business in June 2009, and wanted to remain intellectually and socially engaged. I considered a number of options and decided on Irish Studies. I wanted to return to Trinity, which has the finest campus in Ireland, and a reputation for academic challenge and excellence. I also felt a strong need to complete my education. I had a reasonable basic knowledge of Irish language, history and literature, but knew there were immense gaps to be filled. The last 2 years have vastly exceeded my expectations. Lectures, seminars and tutorials have been consistently engaging. Working with my student colleagues of all ages has been a vastly rewarding experience. Tutorials with small numbers of students are a powerful means of engaging with material in depth; the dialogue between lecturer and students is a great way to deepen and contextualize understanding. Broad Curriculum choices allowed me approach material that is not offered on the Irish Studies programme as such. There is a compelling sense that the academic staff takes a personal interest in our wellbeing and development, which makes the learning process enjoyable and rewarding.

I would strongly recommend the course.
Contact: Pat Carty Last updated: Oct 17 2016.