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Trinity College Dublin



Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Flann O'Brien EN 1014: Theorising Ireland A [5 ECTS] - (A & B [10 ECTS])

With a particular emphasis on further developing critical literacy, this module introduces students to the concepts, processes and debates currently animating the study of Irish culture. After exploring contemporary representations of Ireland in film and literature, the module takes students through readings from the 17th century forward, tracing the development of those patterns of representation across a range of genres, periods and contexts. Although primarily a literature module, it also examines particular texts with reference to the critical vocabularies students will later encounter in more detail. Through this structured approach to these readings, the module establishes studentsí foundation for their work in literary studies within the Irish Studies degree.

Students in Strand A only take part A (first semester) of this course.

Contact: Pat Carty Last updated: Oct 17 2016.