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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Tain IR 1081: Irish Language and Literature A [10 ECTS]

Early Irish Saga (5 ECTS):
In this section students will learn to recognise and describe the main cycles into which Early Irish literature is divided for purposes of analysis, as well as understand and articulate the varying views of modern scholarship regarding the nature and function of early Irish saga. Students will analyse the main features of heroic biography and apply the template to the sagas read, and articulate the relevance of Early Irish saga for the modern reader.

Oral Literature (5 ECTS):
In this section students will learn to have a broad view of the many facets of Irish oral literature, as well as an understanding of the folktale in general and of aspects of its transmission. Students will also be able to define the different genres of story found in oral literature, and speak with authority about rituals and festivities of the calendar year in Ireland.

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