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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Ireland demands Home Rule HI 2131: Ireland and the Union, 1801-1922 [10 ECTS]

The module covers political, religious, social, and economic themes in the history of Ireland from the Act of Union to the early twentieth century, including the conduct of Irish government under the Union, Irish involvement in the Empire, the development of nationalism and unionism, the conflicts over Repeal and Home Rule, the increasing polarisation of Catholics and Protestants, the origins and impact of the Great Famine, post-Famine ‘modernisation’, the importance of emigration and Irish settlement abroad, and the political crises of the early twentieth century culminating in the revolution of 1916–21. Attention is given to the imprint of religion, social class, and gender on Irish politics and, more generally, on Irish life. The aim of the module is to help students develop a broader understanding of modern Irish history, a critical approach towards historical scholarship, and the ability to interpret primary sources.

Contact: Pat Carty Last updated: Oct 17 2016.