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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Silken Thomas HI 1203: Ireland, c.1250-1500: Gaelic revival and the English Pale [5 ECTS]

This module examines the decline of English power in later medieval Ireland, from the accession of King Edward I in 1272 to the rebellion of Silken Thomas Fitzgerald in 1534, whose failure ushered in Henry VIIIís Protestant Reformation and is often taken to mark the end of medieval Ireland. Study is made of the socio-economic consequences of English colonization; the development of Dublin and other towns; material culture; and the economy of Ireland in the age of the Black Death. The process of change in Gaelic Ireland in the late Middle Ages and the ways in which Irish and English cultures clashed and blended; and the impact of war on medieval society and government.

Contact: Pat Carty Last updated: Oct 17 2016.