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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Gladys, Elvis & Vernon HI 2106: Themes in Modern American History [10 ECTS]

An introduction to the main events of American history from the beginnings of English colonization in the early seventeenth century to the present, this module is divided chronologically in two parts. In Part A, which covers the period 1607-1877, emphasis is placed on the territorial expansion of the English colonies and the political and cultural developments which accompanied that process; the establishment of American independence; the writing of the U.S. constitution; slavery; the origins of the civil war; industrialization, urbanisation and the problems of a multi-ethnic society. In Part B, the evolution of American society as a multi-ethnic community with substantial and increasing divergences in wealth and income, is traced. Changes in American popular culture are considered. The emergence of the US as a world power, and America's foreign policy and relations with the rest of the world is also given prominence.

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