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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Gregory Peck as Ahab in Moby Dick - John Huston - 1956 EN 1018: American Genres [5 ECTS]

This course provides an introduction to American literature by focussing on specific generic areas: prose non-fiction; poetry; fables, tales, romances; novels; short stories. Centring on writing in the United States of America from the early stages of the nationís development in the pre- and early Colonial periods to the end of the nineteenth century, the course will relate the emergence of distinctive American forms and styles of writing to broader cultural, political, and historical contexts. It will also describe the ways that American writers have addressed a range of thematic concerns over the course of the nationís emergence Ė from their preoccupation with origins to the representation of place, the sense of the past, constructions of selfhood, gender, class, and race.

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