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Irish Studies An Interdisciplinary Course in Irish Civilisation

Irish & European Flags HI 2132: Change & expectation: The Socio-Cultural History of Ireland in the 20th Century [10 ECTS]

This module examines Ireland’s twentieth century. From one country under the Union to two independent states, this module will analyse the political changes that shaped the century from revolution to independence, from dominion to republic, from self-rule to direct rule, from ‘ourselves alone’ to the EEC, from troubles to peace. It will question the emphasis on the political narrative which has dominated the study of the century, and will consider how the priorities of social, economic and cultural history raise significant challenges for the traditional studies of twentieth century Ireland. Drawing on a wide range of primary sources, this module will explore the forces that have shaped Ireland’s twentieth century, and the extent to which events in the second half of the century have shaped the analysis and debate of the first fifty years. By placing these events in a broader context it will also consider how the Irish case compares to the experience of other states, as well as the impact of the Irish Diaspora both at home and abroad.

Contact: Pat Carty Last updated: Oct 17 2016.