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We provide a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where all are encouraged to achieve their full potential.


We are a professional team creating the environment for Trinity to achieve its objectives.


The employees in Corporate Services promote the following values:

1. One CSD, One Team

  • Leading from the front
  • Communicating with clarity, conviction and enthusiasm
  • Establishing a strong direction and a persuasive future vision
  • Managing and engaging stakeholders through honesty and integrity, and upholding the reputation of the university
  • Be supportive of one another

2. Responsibility & Accountability

  • Delivering timely performance with energy
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes
  • Building a performance culture to deliver outcomes with a firm focus on prioritisation and transparency
  • Addressing performance issues resolutely, fairly and promptly
  • Encouraging staff to perform effectively during challenging and changing times

3. Teamwork

  • Creating a culture of flexibility and responsiveness, mobilising the area to respond swiftly to changing priorities
  • Rethinking systems and partnership approaches to simplify the division
  • Seeking out opportunities for innovation and have the courage to take risks and make step changes to how things are done.

4. Excellence in Delivery

  • Being organised to deliver service objectives and striving to improve the quality of service, taking account of diverse customer needs and requirements
  • Delivering fiscal responsibility through the efficient, effective and economic use of the university's money in the delivery of services
  • Working collaboratively across boundaries to ensure that CSD maximises its strategic outcomes within the resources available.

5. Building Trusting Relationships

  • Sharing information and building supportive, responsive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders, whilst having the confidence to challenge assumptions
  • Delivering business objectives through creating an inclusive environment, encouraging collaboration and building effective partnerships

6. Empathy & Respect

  • Being sensitive to signs of overwork in others
  • Showing interest in the needs, hopes and dreams of other people
  • Be willing to help an employee with personal and professional awareness