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Library and Information Policy Committee Papers

Library and Information Policy Committee Papers

Terms of Reference

The Library and Information Policy Committee is a Principal Committee of Board responsible for the creation of policy for the development of the College's Library and Information Services and to oversee their implementation and to provide timely advice to Board on areas within its remit.

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2. Membership

2.1 The Committee shall be appointed by Board and shall comprise:

  • A Faculty Dean
  • Two Heads of School
  • Dean of Research
  • At least two elected Board members
  • Academic Secretary
  • Secretary to the College (or nominee)
  • President Graduate Students' Union
  • Students' Union Representative
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Librarian
  • Director of IT Services

  • In attendance:

  • Deputy Librarian
  • Deputy Director of IT Services
  • 2.2 The Chairperson of the Committee will be an elected Board member.

    2.3 Membership of the Committee shall be reviewed regularly by the Chairperson in consultation with the Registrar and changes as required shall be recommended to the Board at that time.

    2.4 Membership of the Committee shall normally be for an initial term of three (3) years, with the possibility of an extension of a further three (3) years. The aim is to change the membership from time to time to ensure an appropriate balance between continuity and fresh perspectives.

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    3. Meetings and Quorum

    3.1 The Committee shall meet quarterly throughout the year, or more frequently if the business requiring its attention should so dictate.

    3.2 Joint formal meetings with other Principal Committees of Board may be convened as business requires.

    3.3 The Librarian and the Director of IT Services shall act as Secretary for alternate two year periods. They shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of agenda, papers, minutes and reports following consultation with the Chairperson of the Committee.

    3.4 An agenda and papers will normally be circulated one week in advance of each meeting. The Agenda items will be classified as follows:

  • Section A items Policy Issues
  • Section B Items Oversight of policy matters
  • Section C items Items for Noting
  • 3.5 The quorum for meetings will be seven (50% of the membership plus one)

    3.6 Other College Officers shall attend meetings by invitation for specific agenda items. The Committee may also invite any Officer of the College, or other person to attend any meeting(s) of the Committee, as it may from time to time consider desirable, to assist the Committee in the attainment of its objectives.

    3.7 The draft minutes of the Committee shall be circulated to the Board as soon as possible for noting and/or discussion as necessary. Items, if any, of concern to Board will be noted in the minutes.

    3.8 The Chair of the Committee and other Board representative(s) on the Committee shall be available to report orally to the Board on key aspects of the proceedings of the Committee as required.

    3.9 In order to aid its operation the Library and Information Policy Committee may establish advisory groups from the user communities and may arrange for subgroups to consider specialist issues and bring forward recommendations to the Library and Information Policy Committee.

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    4. Duties

    The core duties of the Library and Information Policy Committee shall be:

    4.1 Policy
    (i) Establish policies and strategies for the provision and delivery of Library and Information Services in College
    (ii) Identify information system implications in relation to overall College developments
    (iii) Review policies relating to Library and Information Services in line with the strategic planning process and legislative requirements or as otherwise requested.

    4.2 Oversight and Advisory
    (i) Oversee the implementation of College's strategy on Library and Information Services arising from the College's Strategic Plan
    (ii) Monitor and review the implementation of policies for the provision and delivery of Library and Information Services in College
    (iii) Review risk registers in relation to Library and Information Services and identify necessary action
    (iv) Advise Board on significant resource issues in relation to Library and Information Services
    (v) Receive quarterly and annual reports from the Librarian and the Director of IT Services
    (vi) Monitor compliance in the delivery of Library and Information Services with relevant legislation and College regulations
    (vii) Monitor the activities of advisory committees and/or working groups through consideration of minutes, recommendations and/or presentations to the Committee
    (viii) To include a schedule in the Terms of Reference detailing the College Policies applicable to the monitoring functions of the Committee

    4.3 Authority
    The Committee will operate under the delegated authority of the Board.
    (i) The Committee may establish and approve terms of reference and membership for sub-committees/groups as may be required to advise on activities relating to College Library and Information Services
    (ii) The Committee may consider/review any matter falling within its terms of reference, calling on whatever resources and information it considers necessary to do so
    (iii) The Committee is authorised to seek any information it requires from any necessary employee of the College or associated body to enable it discharge its responsibilities and shall have made available to it on a timely basis all information requested from any employee in a clear, concise and well organised manner

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    5. Performance Evaluation

    5.1 The Committee shall, at least once a year, review its own performance and its terms of reference and shall report its conclusions and recommend any changes it considers necessary to the Board.

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    Library and Information Policy Committee - Schedule of Sub Committees

  • Web Management Committee
  • Library Users Committee
  • IT Users Committee
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    Approved by Board on 30 June 2010
    Contact: Last updated: Jul 16 2019.