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Adrian Gramps

Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow

My postdoctoral research project, funded by the Irish Research Council, is an extension of the PhD research I carried out here at Trinity College (2013-2018). My thesis, titled The Fiction of Occasion in Hellenistic and Roman Poetry, considers how poems by Callimachus, Bion, Catullus, Propertius create fictional worlds and how these fictional worlds may be experienced by readers. I am currently working on producing a monograph based on my thesis. The general focus of my research is in exploring Latin and Greek poetry from the perspective of embodied aesthetic experience, especially non-narrative and/or first-person forms like lyric, elegy, and hymn in the Hellenistic and Augustan periods. Some of the theoretical subjects which I am most interested in are fictionality, narrativity, affect and emotion, the musicality of verse, and the voice of the poet.


  • ‘Three waterborne epigrams: Archimelus, Callimachus, Catullus’, in C. Ritter-Schmalz and R. Schwitter (eds), Antike Texte und ihre Materialität: alltägliche Präsenz, mediale Semantik und literarische Reflexion (Berlin, forthcoming)
  • ‘Rethinking “mimetic poetry” and Callimachus’ Hymn to Apollo’, in M.A. Harder et al. (eds), Drama and performance in Hellenistic poetry (Hellenistica Groningana 23, Leuven, 2018)
  • ‘Living in fear: affect and dwelling space in Horace’s Roman Odes’, in D. Felton (ed.), Landscapes of dread in classical antiquity: negative emotion in natural and constructed spaces (New York, 2018)

Contact Details

O: Classics Dept
T: +353 1 896 1092