Remote Wind

Remote-Wind:  Autonomous Monitoring and Data Analytics of the Impact of Extreme Weather Events in Industrial Wind Power Generation

The project aims to carry out drone-based anonymous remote monitoring and analysis of short-term and long-term industrial wind farm data with a particular focus on data anomalies due to extreme wind events, missing data, and data cleaning which could inform preventive maintenance, damage detection and mitigation in industrial-scale wind farms. This project will carry out full-scale demonstrations for onshore and offshore farms, venturing significantly beyond laboratory tests and small academic exercises. It will create extensive guidelines and recommendations, along with a suite of software tools for industrial adoption of these solutions for their needs, allowing for the evolution of these tools with changing performance demands of future wind turbines. It will establish monitoring at the core of renewable energy policy and provide Irish thought leadership globally in this niche and strongly bourgeoning sector.

Principal Investigator - Dr Bidisha Ghosh

Research Fellow - Dr Vamsi Inturi