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General Safety Practices

Control Measures Person Responsible
All personnel holding safety appointments should be qualified by proper training & have a full knowledge of their duties and terms of reference. All other personnel using specialised equipment should have conducted an induction safety course. Head of Dept
The Head of Department is responsible for appointing the Safety Officer(s) for the various sections of the department and a Fire Warden. Head of Dept
The Head of Department is to appoint deputy safety officers to act in the absence of the principal safety officers, to ensure the continuance of all relevant Health and Safety control measures. Head of Dept
The Head of Department is to periodically review and monitor the Departmental safety statement. The Head of Department should be made aware of risk assessments performed and of all technical functions carried out in the Department. Head of Dept
A copy of this document to be given to each member of staff. Dept Safety Officer
Appropriate safety equipment, e.g. hard hats, high visibility bibs and boots should be worn when appropriate when conduction experiments/site visits inside/outside college. Demonstration/Visit Coordinator & Supervisor
Where possible all staff/students should complete a Site Safety Pass course (or equivalent) prior to conducting site visits. Dept. Safety Officer
All accidents and dangerous occurrences are to be reported to the Head of Department, who is to forward the information to the College Safety Officer and Jennifer Gill in West Chapel Ext. 1914. Head of Dept
The Departmental and Section Safety Officer(s) is to inform the Head of Department of any problems implementing his/her respective Health and Safety duties. Dept Safety Officer & Section Officer(s)
The Section Officer(s) is/are to carry out a weekly check of their area of geographic responsibility to ensure escape routes are not obstructed, can be opened from the inside in the direction of escape and free from combustible materials. Section Officer(s)
All staff to report suspicious packages or persons to the security centre Ext. 1999 as soon as possible. Building Users
All staff are requested to challenge as far as is reasonably practical and without placing themselves in harm, any person unknown to staff or not in building on official business. Building Users
All staff to keep their offices locked when not in use. Laboratory heads and Section Safety Officer(s) are to ensure their work areas are adequately secured and locked. Head of Dept
Trailing cables are not to be left in any circulation routes as far as possible. Cables in circulation routes must be kept as short as possible and covered with a cable guard mat. This also applies to bags etc. Building Users
All items of disrepair to fixtures, fittings, flooring, stairs or fabric of the building are to be reported to the Chief Technician for repair as soon as possible. Chief Technician
Adequate lighting must be present to allow the function to be carried out safely. The site must be clear, tidy, safe underfoot, free from electrical or chemical hazards as far as possible. Head of Dept
All problems in implementing safe work practices are to be reported as soon as possible. Issues relating to technical operations should be reported to the Chief Technician. Issues relating to teaching to be reported to the Head of Department. Head of Dept Chief Technician
All visitors who are present in the building for more than a brief period are to become the responsibility of the host. The hosts is to take charge of the visitor(s) in the event of an evacuation or if any specific procedures apply. The Host
Staff are to have access to a telephone in the event of an emergency. The emergency college number is Ext. 1999. Head of Dept 
Purpose built lecture theatres become overcrowded when the number of students exceeds the number of seats. This should be avoided as far as possible. In multi purpose rooms the number of desks available will limit the number within.  Head of Dept
All new practices, functions or equipment to be risk assessed prior to implementation. Head of Dept & Chief Technician