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Fire Safety

Control Measures Person Responsible
The Fire Safety Officer is to visually check on a weekly basis all relevant fire extinguishers, fire panels and that break glass unit keys and machinery guards are in place.  Any defects or faults found are to be reported to the college safety officer. Fire Safety Officer
Staff are reminded that fire exits, corridors access & egress routes are not to be obstructed by equipment materials or tools. Building Users
Staff are reminded that the assembly point in the event of an evacuation is the “Flat Iron”, the triangular lawn next to the Rugby pitch. Head of Dept
On hearing the fire alarm (a continuous ringing bell) staff are instructed to; 1-Leave the building with any student(s) and/or visitor(s) you are responsible for. 2­Go to the assembly point. 3- Re-enter only when the alarm  is turned off. Building Users
On discovery of a fire staff are instructed to: 1- Raise the fire alarm. 2- Leave the building with any student(s)/visitor(s) you are responsible for.  3-Inform security centre on Ext. 1999. 4- Go to the assembly point. 5- Re-enter only when the alarm is turned off. Building Users
No alterations or repairs to any electrical items fixtures or fittings. The Buildings Office technical staff, qualified mains electricians or appointed contractors only are to carry out any alterations or repairs. Building Users
All equipment introduced into the Department is to be tested for electrical integrity prior to use. Chief Technician
Open bar electrical fires are not to be used. Building Users
All electrical items to be turned off last thing at night, as far as practicable. Building Users
Smoking is prohibited in the building. Smokers should ensue they do not form an obstruction to exits from the building and waste should be disposed of responsibly. Head of Dept
All mains electrical items are to be periodically inspected as far as possible for any signs of damage or wear to cords flexes cables mouldings etc. Any defects are to be reported to the Chief Technician. Dept Safety Officer
The use of extension leads, adaptors is to be minimized as far as possible. Electrical sockets are not to be overloaded. Building Users
All fixed electrical machinery to be provided with a labelled isolator. Director of Buildings and Buildings Office
Only110v equipment to be used or otherwise protected by a 30mA ECLB or RCD Chief Technician and Buildings Office
All plant and equipment is to be arranged so that safe access egress and clear circulation routes are provided. Chief Technician
All demonstrators to be trained in Fire Safety. Head of Dept and Fire Warden