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Module Outlines 2016-2017

Below please find a complete list of the Business School modules that are available to Exchange and Visiting students for the academic year 16/17.

Please pay special attention to the explanatory notes provided.


Important Please Note:

  1. One Semester Exchange / Visiting students may enrol in Full Year Modules. They will sit a separate assessment and receive the proportionate ECTS
  2. BU4511, and BU4630 may only be taken  by  exchange and visiting students who are attending Trinity in the First semester or for the Full Year
  3. Students are strongly advised not to take a Senior Sophister (4th Year) Module unless they have prior learning in that module area.
  4. One Semester  Michaelmas Term ( Semester 1) Exchange/Visiting students enrolling in any module should drop the last digit of the module code and replace it with a B for e.g. BU3520 becomes BU352B
  5. One Semester Hilary Term  (Semester 2) Exchange / Visiting Students enrolling in any full year module should drop the last digit of the module code and replace it with C. e.g. BU3520 becomes BU352C

Junior Freshman (1st Year) - No modules available

Senior Freshman (2nd Year) - All Modules 1 Semester Long and worth 5 ECTS

Junior Sophister (3rd Year): Modules are either I Semester Long and worth 5 ECTS or Full Year and worth 10 ECTS as indicated

Senior Sophister (4th Year) - All Modules are Full Year and worth 15 ECTS



Mr Jimmy White                                                                                                              Ms Yvonne Agnew

Academic Exchange Coordinator                                                                              Exchange Administrator