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BUU44680 Global Supply Chain Management

(10 ECT credits - Semester 1 & 2)



Module Outline

This module offers students a solid grounding in supply chain management as a foundation for understanding more advanced supply chain management (SCM) concepts throughout the duration of the programme. Global Supply Chain Management focuses on effective planning and management of integrated product, information and financial flows from the supplier's suppliers to the customer's customers. In today’s enterprise, the boundaries of function, organization, and geography are increasingly blurred.

The enterprise's procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and sales organizations must be aligned to efficiently and effectively serve the ultimate customer. Suppliers and vendors must become partners in the integrated supply chain organization. Today, these relationships and processes increasingly extend around the world, creating a globally-integrated supply chain. In this module, the focus is on the particular challenges posed by being positioned in an international supply chain, linking the module to other international management challenges.

Learning Outcomes

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Textbook and Readings

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