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BUU44580 Managing New Product Development

5 ECTS credits

(Please note: this module may be taken by all full year students except Engineering students)


Professor Paul Coughlan

Module Content/Outline:

Reducing both the product development interval and production cost while increasing product functionality are critical concerns of managers in many manufacturing firms. The module is designed for students who wish to develop their understanding of the complex management issues associated with the development of new products.

Learning and Teaching Approach:

The module is organised in four parts:

  1. The new product development imperative
  2. The strategic dimension of new product development
  3. The product development process
  4. Evaluating and improving the new product development process

Together, these parts contribute a strategic perspective on managing new product development.

The module is based on a combination of case studies, readings and team project work.  The cases challenge students to analyse product development issues in differing industries and countries and to discuss these issues in class. The team project challenges the students to engage with the issues in practice.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able:

  1. To identify and to understand the contributors to shorter development lead times and increased flows of marketable and manufacturable new products with integrity
  2. To identify and to understand the choices in leading, structuring and running the development process, and integrating differing functional capabilities during the development process
  3. To explore, develop and communicate specific and actionable recommendations for managers to improve a product development process including: a description of the proposed action; time scale for introduction; resources required; knock-on effects anticipated in other areas; measures of performance of the change; expected outcomes 
  4. To work effectively as an individual in a team focused on evaluating the practice and performance of a product development process


BUU22560 Introduction to Operations Management (SF Year) or equivalent

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

The module is based on a combination of case studies and readings. All case studies are available online from the module blackboard site. Readings are available mainly online from the Library E-Journals collection (designated L) and, occasionally, online from the module blackboard site (designated B).

Student preparation for the module

It is expected that case studies and readings noted as “pre-reading” are prepared ahead of class. Readings noted as “post-reading” may be discussed in class and read after class.


The Module is assessed by a team project, and a written semester-end examination

Team Project Report                                      - 60%
End of semester written examination            - 40%