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BUU44520 Exploring Organisational Experiences

(20 ECTS incorporating a significant piece of independent research)

Module Outline based on 2018/19 15 ECTS Module and currently being updated


Professor David Coghlan

Module Content/Outline:

This module takes an “inquiry for the inside” approach and teaches students to attend to their experience of working in an organisation and how they seek to understand and to form critical judgements about what goes on in that organisation. This module flags an advanced management competence.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Attend to their cognitive processes in an organisation in which they have direct experience by means of a general empirical method
  • Engage in critical thinking

Lectures &Tutorials/Contact hours:

  • 1 2-hour lecture per week
  • 1 mandatory seminar per week

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

Coghlan, David. Inside Organizations. SAGE, 2016.



Dates for submission for individual papers:

To be advised