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BUU44510 International Business & The Global Economy

(10 ECTS credits)


Nick McIlroy

Module Content/Outline:

This module deals with the environment in which international business decisions are made. It addresses the managerial issues arising from the international transfer of people, resources, capital and knowledge, and the critical issues that a firm and its employees encounter when engaging in international business.

Note: Some students will only attend one semester of this module (referred to hereafter as One- Term students), although the majority will attend both semesters (Two-Term students).

Learning and Teaching Approach:

The entails the following learning and teaching elements:

  • Two one hour lectures each week (all students)
  • Preparation and Presentation of Case Studies from the recommended textbook. These presentations will be made during the Tutorial Sessions in nominated weeks of semester one (all students, in teams)
  • Researching and Writing up a Case Study and Teaching Note (Two-term students only, in teams)
  • Reading assigned materials in the required text book as well as an array of other required readings (all students) Reviewing and absorbing the lecture materials (all students)
  • Preparing for two one-hour examinations (Two-term students) 
  • Preparing for one one-hour examination (One-term students)

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module, you should have attained:

  • An understanding of globalization and the forces driving this phenomenon
  • A sensitivity to different cultural, socio-economic and legal environments encountered in the international marketplace.
  • An ability to formulate strategies designed to support the conduct of successful international operations in diverse contexts
  • A critical appreciation of the key factors driving international business and the global economy and that distinguish the conduct of international business.

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

International Business: Environments and Operations by John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh and Daniel P. Sullivan, 15th edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2015 and hereinafter referred to as DRS. This text addresses the environment of International Business and provides coverage of the basics of International Business. 
All course notes and many of the additional readings will be available online on your Blackboard site. 

General Supplemental Readings You are also strongly encouraged to become a regular reader of the Financial Times for its exemplary coverage of international business.  Other useful sources pertinent to International Business include the business sections of the world’s main newspapers, international datasets, international consulting companies, trade associations, the world’s international institutions, and international business journals. 


Case Preparation and Presentation   20%
Case Study and Teaching Note         40%
Examination I                                      20%
Examination II                                     20%

Dates for submission:

Dates to be advised

Penalties for late submission:

Penalty of 10% per day beyond due date. Students unable to submit a term assignment for medical reasons must produce a medical certificate to the School of Business Studies office within three working days of the missed submission date. Certificates received after that time will not be accepted.