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BUU33740 Financial Management

(5 ECTS credits) - Semester One


Dr. Elaine Laing

Module Content/Outline:

This module will equip students with a broad set of financial management tools. Students will gain an understanding of the important role of the finance manager and their contribution to the business. Students will be able to use financial analysis and financial management techniques to make decisions around the financing of the business. Students will learn about capital budgeting techniques and apply investment appraisal techniques. The module will cover the importance of good working capital management and sources of finance available to firms. In addition, students will analyze the firm’s financial statements to determine the firm’s financial health and examine important aspects of business finance. Students will also develop an appreciation for the risks inherent in financial decision-making and learn how to manage and mitigate those risks through sound financial management. Students will also learn how to value both assets of the business and the business as an entity, giving them a well-rounded view of investment appraisal.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

1. Understand the role and function of the finance manager 

2. Evaluate the corporate governance structure of a company 

3. Analyze investments using advanced investment appraisal techniques 

4. Discuss and apply techniques for effective working capital management 

5. Evaluate the financial health of a company using financial ratio analysis 

6. Conduct an investment appraisal using various valuation techniques, both for businesses and for assets 

7. Understanding the important aspects of business finance including capital structure and cost of capital 

8. Understand appropriate risk management techniques and when and how to apply them

Module Prerequisite

BUU22550 Introduction to Finance (SF Year)

Recommended Texts/ Key Reading:

Financial Management ( FM) by Kaplan Publishing 

Please refer to blackboard for further readings.


By blackboard

Assessment and Examination:

The assessment for this course consists of three elements: 

An individual assignment, 30% of the grade. Please refer to blackboard for further assessment information. 

A group assignment, 30% of the grade. Please refer to blackboard for further assessment information. 

An individual examination, 40% of the grade, in the examination period. 

Supplemental assessment, 100% examination