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BUU33710 Consumer Behaviour

(Formerly 'Marketing for Different Organisational and Business Contexts')

(5 ECTS credits)



Dr. Kristian Myrseth

Module Description / Content:

The role of the marketer is to ‘influence’, but with influence comes responsibility. This course explores marketing across a range of contexts, organizational and social, for the purpose of introducing students to challenges and dilemmas faced by the contemporary marketer. Issues of marketing strategy and marketing ethics are examined from the vantage point of consumer psychology. The module considers how marketers can apply insights from consumer psychology to influence consumer behaviour—and what the wider social ramifications might be.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Critical awareness of challenges, managerial and social, posed by marketing strategies aimed at influencing consumer behavior
  • Critical awareness of ethical and social dimensions of marketing strategies, across contexts
  • Ability to apply psychological concepts in marketing strategies—to identify contextual interactions—and to articulate ethical ramifications

Essential Texts/Key Reading:


Required textbooks: N/A

Recommended reading: N/A

Module Prerequisite:

BU2520 Principles of Marketing



(I)    Exam = 70% 
(II)   Group Work= 30%