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BUU33700 Contemporary Marketing Management

(5 ECTS credits)


Professor Mairead Brady

Module Content/Outline:

Within this module students will learn to critically evaluate and explore a diversity of marketing theories, techniques, tools, technologies and practices and explore how to integrate this knowledge within a marketing planning framework. Students will be studying how theoretical models and empirical findings are operationalised within marketing decision-making. Marketers must monitor and adapt their marketing strategies to deal with changing consumer needs, competitive situations, global realities and dynamic technological challenges. This module studies and explores how theory can inform the practices needed to operate in this hyper complex digitalized and ever-changing environment. It is the aim of this module to expand on the student’s knowledge of marketing practices to explore tactics and strategies to develop their Marketing management skills to operationalize marketing within the realities of a technology dominant global business world.

Learning and Teaching Approach:

The main learning strategies used are lectures and tutorials and an assessment for and as learning orientation, which involves experiential learning and learning by doing. There will also be guest lecturers and case studies. This 5 ECTs module is designed to inspire students to engage with theories/concepts and philosophies and align them to contemporary marketing challenges cognizant of the technological and societal challenges. It takes a managerial perspective, as the students will learn about the content, purpose and value of a marketing philosophy, as well as being to the steps and specific aspects involved in developing a marketing plan. The focus is on critical aspects of marketing theory and practice, which are particularly impacted by digitalization and societal challenges. The assessment is core to the learning aim of this module as it allows students the opportunity to put into practice the portfolio of skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout the module, to produce a real-world application of theory to practice through a synthesis of class content, core and new readings, textbook support and critically practical examples. The learning outcomes showcased through the assessment will be the ability to show both a theoretical and a practical engagement with a range of contemporary marketing management issues.

The particular emphasis of the course materials changes somewhat from year to year. This year, we sample a variety of specific topics: societal challenges, digitalization and future technologies, customer experience management, marketing planning, designing tactical and strategic plans using the marketing mix and marketing specific managerial issues.  

Learning Outcomes:

Having successfully completed this module, the student should be able to:

  1. Define, understand and critically evaluate key consumer and marketing concepts and philosophies within a marketing plan framework and with a focus on core societal and technological challenges.
  2. Explore core marketing management issues and apply theoretical and practical marketing strategies within the contemporary business environment.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the criticality of data analysis and market research exploring technological advances in this domain.
  4. Construct distinct segments within a market and identify and select optimum target market(s) and positioning for companies.
  5. Explore core marketing planning challenges taking a theoretical and application perspective and utilizing the marketing mix activities.
  6. Manage a large diverse team and self manage a peer-to-peer presentation aligning theory with practice engaging with the customer experience journey and a digital imperative.

Essential Texts/Key Reading:

The core and essential textbook for this course is:

Kotler, Philip, Keller, Kevin, Brady, Mairead, Goodman, Malcolm, and Hansen, Torben, (2019) Marketing Management, European Edition, 4th Edition, Pearson, London

This text is the core text and can be purchased at Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street, Dublin 2 or online on Amazon.


BUU22520 Principles of Marketing (SF Year)


Group Assignment Presentation:        40%

Individual Essay:                                 60%