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BUU33600 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Modelling

(5 ECTS credits)


Mr. Conor Foley

Module Content/Outline:

This course covers the concepts, theories and techniques of new venture startup, business modelling and innovation management in the business sector. It examines the nature and importance of entrepreneurship and the typical characteristics, mindset and motivations of the entrepreneur. The generation of new business ideas, the shaping of business models and the nature of innovation are outlined. The formulation of a viable business plan, the lean start-up process and the raising of new venture funding are central issues of the course.

The management issues in the transition from start-up to growth are explained. This module also introduces students to the interdisciplinary and multifaceted field of innovation. By incorporating both theoretical and applied elements to the module, the aim is to provide an understanding of the concept of innovation and the tools and techniques for engaging in innovation within established organisations.

Learning Outcomes:

Having successfully completed this module, the student should be able to:

  • clarify the key concepts and principles of entrepreneurship
  • understand and explain the entrepreneurial mindset and motivations
  • conduct research of a primary and secondary nature in the context of analysing an organisation with respect to innovation and generating an innovative business idea
  • assess the challenges and opportunities around a new business idea
  • construct innovative business models, often disruptive.
  • develop the tools and techniques necessary to draw up a business plan for a start-up company
  • develop an awareness of funding sources and uses
  • identify the issues involved in managing the start-up to growth of a new enterprise
  • explain the tools and techniques used for managing innovation within organisations
  • perform effectively in teams; displaying in particular, commitment, time management, and an ability to group-write

Textbook and Reading:

The module draws on textbooks, academic articles, cases, practical examples, newspaper articles and exercises. In addition, video clips will be occasionally used in class and guest speakers will also be invited to share their experiences in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Required core course textbook:
The Lean Startup, Eric Ries

General Supplemental Readings:
Blitzscaling, Reid Hoffman
The Innovation Zone, Thomas M Koulopoulos

Module Prerequisite:



Group ‘pitch a business idea’ project (25%) and end-of-term individual exam (75%).