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BUU22591 Personal and Professional Development Programme (PPD)

(5 ECTS credits)


Dr. Loren Duffy

Module Description/Content

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) module is an integral part of the Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) degree. It is designed to help students thrive in a world of constant change to ensure they are ready for their future careers. It will provide the knowledge and practice of skills needed for personal and professional development. Students will also learn how neuroscience models and insights are used to integrate behavioural strengths, maintain well-being, and maximise their impact as leaders.

The focus of the PPD module is on developing your self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-mastery to both fulfil your potential and to maximise your contribution and impact in business on the wider economy and society. The development of self- knowledge is the basis of a deeper understanding of human nature. To be successful, a leader needs to learn more about themselves before setting out to manage other people. This course provides the opportunity to look inside yourself and reflect on how well you manage yourself.

Throughout the module students will also reflect on the current employment market and the future world of work. The module will involve contributions from the  business school experts and alumni, the Careers Service and industry representatives, through delivery of workshops which focus on relevant topics. All of these developmental experiences have specific learning outcomes and deliverables. You are expected to update your journal of personal learning as you progress through the programme.

Learning and Teaching Approach

This course is interactive and participatory. It is different to your other business courses, because the subject is your own development, in relation to your skills, interests and experiences, and in the context of a rapidly changing world of work. The lecturer will coordinate the content to be delivered by a range of different professionals: career advisor, business school alumni, industry experts, voice coach, networking expert, etc.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the PPD module, the student should be able to:

  • Have improved self-awareness and self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature
  • Research, identify, and reflect on interests, skills, values and personality as it relates to your professional life
  • Identify a range of careers available, sources of information and job search strategies  
  • Develop self-mastery and self-regulation skills to achieve greater personal presence in relationship to others
  • Understand how to creatively market and showcase the best version of yourself; write an impressive CV and cover letter, prepare and elevator pitch, hone your interview skills, and utilise social media
  • Take greater responsibility for your personal and professional development
  • Recognising your potential to impact and capacity to contribute to the wider economy and society as a business leader


Textbook and Readings

There is no textbook for this module as all reading are drawn from classic articles and texts (in business, careers, and psychology literature) and recent articles on emerging perspectives and practices.  For a detailed list of recommended reading  to explore what most interests you, there is reading list on Career Planning and also one on Personal and Professional Development in Appendix 1 below. You can also search for this list in your online space on the module page of the Blackboard website.

There is no preparation in advance of the beginning of the module. Students should ensure that they have read the assigned articles and viewed the assigned videos for each class and are familiar with the online access for these materials

Module Prerequisite



  1. Online Multiple Choice Quizzes (value: 30%)

At three intervals in the course there will be online Multiple Choice Quizzes on the topics covered in lectures, as part of the continuous assessment. Each quiz will have ten questions to be answered, and a maximum of 10% will be awarded per quiz.

The publication of each quiz will be announced in class and remain open for one week after it has been published. Once this time is passed it will not be possible  to access the quiz and the student will forfeit the marks.

  1. Group Project (value: 20%)

The group project aims to provide an insight into some of the career paths open to students with a Business Studies degree. All students will be allocated to a group, and each group will be asked to research a specific career option that will be assigned to the group, e.g. finance, marketing etc. Each group will produce a report (2000 words) and will present their findings to the class (10 minute Power- Point presentation). The project will be peer-evaluated according to clear guidelines provided by the course lecturer.

  1. Personal Reflection Report (value: 40%)

The final assignment for this course is a final Personal Reflection (3,000 words) that requires you to reflect on the entire module and apply the learning to your own personal and professional development. This assignment includes your personal insight and skills, and professional development plans which you feel, at this stage, is of most important to you. A more detailed instruction is available in your online module space under the Assessment tab.

The anonymous reports will be peer-evaluated by two peers according to clear guidelines provided by the course lecturer. The average of the two reviewer grades will provide the grade of the Personal Reflection Report.

Peer Assessment Activity (value: 10%)

Each student will anonymously review and assess two peer’s Personal Reflection Reports. Detailed guidelines for providing feedback and assessment will be provided in advance.

The course lecturer will monitor the grading process to ensure consistent practice and adherence to grading guidelines. The course lecturer will award a maximum value of 5% for each completed assessment to the reviewer, based on the quality of feedback provided to peers.

Note: A selection of Personal Reflection Reports will also be made available for review by an external examiner.