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BUU22520 Principles of Marketing

(5 ECTS credits)

Module Content/Outline:

This marketing module focuses on introducing the students to an overview of marketing practice so that they are aware of and reflective of the range of activities and strategies within the marketing function. The students will also engage with contemporary marketing issues including changing consumption behaviour, the global factors at play in marketing and the dominant focus on customer experience and engagement. The module is interactive and requires good preparation and active engagement with the module content to achieve the learning goals.


Dr. Sarah Browne

Learning Outcomes:

Having successfully completed this module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental concepts, frameworks and approaches used for effective marketing decision making.
  2. Understand and explain the core theoretical underpinnings of how consumers behave and how marketing attempts to engage with and influence consumer decision making
  3. Identify and critique some of the key challenges and emerging trends in marketing theory and practice
  4. Recognise and reflect on the role of marketing beyond commercial contexts and the influence of marketing on wider society   

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

The essential reading list for this module is comprised of several academic journal articles (TBC).  Each reading has been selected to facilitate student’s learning and to encourage engagement with the core concepts covered in the module.  Each reading corresponds directly to a particular lecture topic each week, and students must read the assigned article in advance of each lecture. All articles are available to download from Blackboard from week 1.  Most articles are also available online at ABI Inform Global database or from the Business Source complete.  Core readings are examinable material.

Course textbook: TBC
As this is an introductory course, we will not be covering the entire content of this textbook, rather we will be dipping into specific chapters relevant to the content we will cover. Some copies of the textbook are available in the college library, older editions of the textbook are also available and are completely acceptable to use (however content will vary slightly in each new edition). For students planning on pursuing their study of marketing beyond their freshman years, this book is an ideal and in-depth reference text.
Please note: This textbook is supplementary to the core readings of the module. The table below outline specifies chapters which you should concentrate on and will guide your reading of the textbook.


Group assignment - 30% of overall grade 
Individual examination - 70% of overall grade