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BU115550 Information Systems & Data Management

(5 ECTS credits)


Professor Yufei Huang -

Module Description/Content

The objective of this module is to introduce students to information systems & data management and it examines how management information and decision support systems can support improved organisational performance. Information security and control surrounding these systems and aspects of ethical use of IT are also covered.

Some topics addressed in this module include but not limited to:
• Business Processes, Transactions and Information
• Introduction to telecommunications and network systems.
• Emerging Technology
• Data Warehousing
• Decision Support Systems
• Business Intelligence
• Digital Markets/Digital Goods
• Introduction to Information Systems Security
• Information Technology and Ethics
N.B. These topics are subject to minor changes.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
  • Describe how organisations make decisions in today’s business environment
  • Be familiar with information system and data management and the applications in business
  • Discuss the need for computerised support of managerial decision making
  • Describe the business intelligence concepts and relate them to Decision Support Systems 
  • Identify the ethical, social, and political issues that are raised by information systems.
  • Assess the business value of information systems security and control.


Textbook and Readings

Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J.P., 2016. Management Information System: Managing the Digital Firm. Pearson Education India. 15th edition.
Valacich, J. and Schneider, C., 2015. Information Systems Today: Managing in a Digital World.  Pearson education. 7th edition.
Bocij, P., Greasley, A. and Hickie, S., 2008. Business information systems: Technology, development and management for the E-business. Pearson education. 5th edition.

The course teacher will also provide supplemental readings in the form of academic papers, book chapters or other reading materials. These will be made available online via Blackboard system.

Module Prerequisite



  • Group project (2,000 words): 40% 
  • 1.5-hour Semester Two examination: 60%