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BU3690 Social Entrepreneurship

ECTS weighting 5

Semester 2 (Hilary Term)

One two hour lecture per week; One seminar every second week      


Professor Sheila Cannon 

Module Content

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who seek to create significant social impact through their initiatives and enterprises.  They operate within the non-profit, private and public sectors and within a variety of organisational settings.  In this course, participants will work with theory, cases and their own social entrepreneurial projects to identify how social entrepreneurship can drive social change, and what kinds of social entrepreneurial activity create maximum social impact.   Students will learn how to align their existing knowledge base, from Business School and Faculty courses, and their own experience of social entrepreneurship with the scholarship of social entrepreneurship studies – and apply it to the creation and evaluation of social impact.

Learning Outcomes       

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Identify the distinctive characteristics and attributes of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship
  • Critically evaluate relevant theory associated with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in an Irish and international context
  • Evaluate initiatives to create social impact and bring about social change
  • Identify issues within and prepare responses to the integrative and dynamic nature of the social entrepreneur’s operations

Module Learning Aims 

The education aims of the module are:

  • To enable students to grasp and engage with the key theories, frameworks and debates in the field social entrepreneurship
  • To integrate and apply ideas, theories and techniques learned in this module and in others in the course programme.
  • To integrate and synthesise learning gained outside the formal taught courses, such as previous learning, professional experience, and personal knowledge. 

Recommended Reading List      

The module will draw from a diverse range of sources and as such no individual text will suffice. 

Assessment Details

1 x group project

1 x individual assessment

1 x exam