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MODULE NAME: Management Experience and Reflection

Credits: 5 ECTS

Semester taught: 2nd (Hilary Term)


Giulio Buciuni

Phone:01-896 2631


Office Hours: By appointment - please email.


This module is designed to provide students an opportunity to engage with, reflect on and learn from experiences in an organisational context. During the first term of the third year, students must apply for one of four different contexts within which to undertake experiential learning:

1) As a summer intern in an approved firm;
2) As a volunteer in an approved non-profit organisation, or
3) In self-directed project undertaken part of an approved student society in TCD or as agreed with the module coordinator;
4) In the development of their business idea/new venture under the supervision of Dr. Buciuni and with the support of Bank of Ireland.

Students who successfully complete the application and experiential work process gain practical experience in the business context of their choosing and engage in meaningful and focused reflection on how the experience has tested their knowledge and assumptions, while honing their business and personal development skills.


Having successfully completed this module, the student will have:
• Developed their business knowledge and skills through practical experience;
• Planned and executed a personal and career development plan and be able to explain how they did or did not achieve their objectives; • Explained how their personal characteristics and skills may be deployed effectively (or not), to create value through working with others;
• Reflected upon practical experience in order to broaden and deepen their understanding of how they 'fit' into an organisational context of their choosing and what skills they need to more successfully enter the global workplace.


Students must meet with their mentor/ peer at least once a week during the course of the project to review progress against their plan. In addition, students will meet with the module coordinator at the beginning of their management experience project to review and agree their plan and again at the end of their project to discuss the outcomes achieved. The time allocated to the management experience project itself must be at least 200 hours (or approximately 7 weeks of full-time work). Note that the students will generally be undertaking this work during the summer between their 3rd and 4th year in the a TBS undergraduate business programme.


To be advised.

PRE REQUISITE - BU3610 Personal & Professional Development


As part of the application to take this module, students must identify their own learning objectives consistent with an assessment of their interests vs. job opportunities and their skills/experience vs. those necessary in the workplace. The self-assessment and personal development objectives document should be completed as part of their activities in BU3610 Personal & Career Development - which is a prerequisite to this module. Students must also identify a mentor / peer assessor within the organisational context chosen who will provide feedback during and at the end of the module activities. Students must keep a diary of their activities and professional development during their management experience and will submit a personal reflection report at the end along with their professional development diary, which will be marked as a regular module. The mentor/peer assessor will also have to provide a report of the student's activities and development over the period of the project.
Evaluation breakdown:

  • Individual reflection report: 50%
  • Company evaluation report: 50%


Students unable to complete the management experience and/or submit the final assessment for medical reasons must produce a medical certificate to the Trinity Business School office within three working days of the missed submission date. Certificates received after that time will not be accepted.