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BU3610 BBS Personal & Career Development

(5 ECTS - 1st semester only)

Only students on the BBS degree can take this module. It is a pre-requisite for BU3615 Management Experience and Reflection.


Dr. Sheila Cannon

Module Content/Outline:

This module will allow students to acquire knowledge of and practice the skills needed for self and career development, including career planning, opportunity awareness, preparation for the job search process, networking and softer skills such as teamwork, presentation skills and leadership. It is aimed at BBS students who would like to develop and improve their personal and career development skills. Throughout the module students will practice these skills, reflect on their development and be exposed to the current employment market and alumni.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Describe the process of personal and career development
  • Identify a range of careers available, including entrepreneurial careers
  • Identify and critically evaluate useful information resources
  • Research, reflect on, identify and prove interests, skills, values and personality
  • Describe and undertake creative approaches to job seeking
  • Develop a career action plan
  • Describe the elements of the recruitment process
  • Write an effective CV and Cover Letter
  • Describe and demonstrate how to prepare for interview and approach interview questions
  • Describe and demonstrate  the process of networking and improve skills
  • Describe and demonstrate  the role of social media in the job search process
  • Demonstrate oral presentation skills
  • Identify and reflect on team working and leadership style
  • Present a short group presentation on employment prospects in a particular Business sector

Module Learning Aims:

The focus of the PCD module is on developing your personal and career insight, self-awareness and development and the organisational 'soft-skills' of team-work, communication and leadership, as well as developing cross-cultural acumen. It is designed to assist you to acquire knowledge of and practice the skills needed for personal and career development, and position you for entering the job-market with a greater awareness of your own motivation, skills and areas of improvement.

Lectures & Tutorials/Contact hours:

Students will be required to attend 22 hours of lecture/seminar sessions(equating to 2 hours/week), as well as contribute to class discussion boards and other online fora as necessary.

Module Personnel:

Dr. Sheila Cannon (Coordinator); Fiona Hayes.

Recommended Reading List:

  • Whetten, David & Cameron, Kim (2007) Developing Management Skills, Pearson Education Ltd.
  • Bolles, R.N. (2015) What Colour is Your Parachute? A practical manual for job-hunters and career changers, New York: Random House LLC - Ten Speed Press.


Continuous Assessment: 50%
Final Research/Reflection Project: 50%
Note that this module does not have an exam.

Dates for submission:

To be advised.

Penalties for late submission:

Once agreed, submission deadlines are not negotiable. Work submitted late is graded but the grade awarded is dropped by a class (e.g., II. 1 to II. 2) in all instances.

Students unable to submit a term assignment for medical reasons must produce a medical certificate to the School of Business Studies office within three working days of the missed submission date. Certificates received after that time will not be accepted.



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