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Student Testimonials

Dina Abu-Rahmeh

Global Business, 2016-2020 4th Year

From Jordan

"I chose to study business at Trinity College Dublin because I knew I would receive a top-level education and opportunities to grow my skills academically and practically. The Global Business programme at Trinity College provides students with the fundamental core business modules, while also allowing them to explore modules across different faculties to expand and diversify knowledge. Students learn innovative real-world management from leading researchers and industry experts. Students are not only provided with theoretical knowledge in the classroom but are also given the invaluable opportunity to join the most active business-related societies in the country and apply their business knowledge and skills in real-life situations.

Trinity Business School promotes creativity and innovative thinking and encompasses practical orientated and team-based approach in their style of teaching, preparing its students to be the next generation of industry leaders. In my three years at Trinity, I was granted vast opportunities as an International Student that I would not have been granted elsewhere. Trinity would be the best place for career-driven and ambitious students. My involvement with the Trinity Student Managed Fund alone opened many doors for me and allowed me to network with industry leaders and renowned professionals."

Kieran Gormley

Global Business, 2016-2020 4th Year

From Co. Mayo, Ireland

"I chose to study at Trinity due to its world-renowned reputation, location in the heart of Dublin and the warm and vibrant atmosphere I experience during the open day.

My main motivation for choosing the Global Business program was that the course offered me a direct pathway to a business degree whilst maintaining flexibility within the modules I could take. The structure of Business in Trinity means all students spend two years learning the basics of all elements of business before choosing to specialise in specific streams.

I’d highly recommend! Choosing Global Business in Trinity ensures a successful career and has been the best decision ever. By mixing group work and problem-based learning with old-school classroom teaching, Trinity provides students with both the skills and knowledge needed in the real world. Studying Global Business has made me look at the world in new ways and has given me analytical and critical thinking skills that have strongly stood to me in my internships and will no doubt help me differentiate myself going forward.

The Business School places a lot of emphasis on student life and is very supportive of its student societies. During my studies here I've acted as the Secretary of the Trinity Student Managed Fund which is Europe’s first and largest initiative of its kind. The Business School are highly encouraging of the Fund’s activities and have event granted space within the new building for societies to use exclusively.

Trinity has global links with other universities, which allowed me the opportunity to spend part of my third year on exchange to Queen’s University, Kingston which was a life changing (and very cold) experience. Going on exchange is highly encouraged in the course with nearly 2/3rds of each student cohort opting to spend at least a semester away.

Trinity Business School has given me the platform to forge my own path and has been a truly rewarding experience both academically and socially."

Conor Skully

Global Business, 2017-2021

From Cork, Ireland

"I decided to study at Trinity to expand my horizons. I was keen to go to Dublin to explore a new environment to that which I was used to in Cork and encounter people who I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Trinity’s campus and perfect location in the heart of Dublin were what sold me in the end.

I chose Global Business as it was the most tailored course for me. I had no real interest in pursuing Economics and Social Studies as part of the BESS course and wanted to invest all my energy into Business Studies. The more concentrated class of 40 people gave me the opportunity to do unique modules and engage more with professors. Among those modules were some philosophy-based business ethics modules which I have come to love and am now considering pursuing a career in long-term. This course has also given me the opportunity to go abroad on exchange for my 3rd year. I’m currently in McGill University, Montreal, Canada. I’ve had an amazing time so far and the experience has been a real learning curve. Getting the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life has really opened my mind to different perspectives and taught me things I never thought I would have learned. That being said, I’ll be just as happy to be in Trinity on my return.

Yes, absolutely. Dublin is a great place to go to college and Trinity is perfectly located to make the most of it. The small class of my course made it a seamless transition to meet people and get integrated into the college. I couldn’t recommend it enough."

Elizaveta Kuzmicheva

Global Business, 2017-2021, 3rd Year

From Moscow, Russia

"I have always wanted to study in a university in an English-speaking country and when I researched my options, Trinity College Dublin seemed like the ideal place to do so. Having learned of its distinction in teaching, research and student life, as well as its thriving international community and world renown, I was sure that I wanted to study in TCD.

I considered several courses in Trinity College Dublin, but Global Business seemed like the most fitting place for me.  I believe that the ever-improving structure of the course allows students to gain a deep understanding of business concepts and learn to apply them in real careers, whether it is as an entrepreneur, accountant or financial advisor. Being in third year of the degree, it is clear to me that I will come out of college with excellent knowledge in my chosen academic area and be well on my way to becoming a true specialist.

Trinity offers the highest quality third level education as well as a friendly, diverse environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in Trinity and would certainly recommend both my course and the university to anyone who wishes not only to receive an excellent education but to have an unforgettable college experience."

Paddy Ryder

Global Business, 2016-2020, 4th Year

From Limerick, Ireland

"I decided to study at Trinity, as I was keen to experience college life in Dublin. The international brand that Trinity offers was a key factor upon my decision making, especially given that at some point I would like to work abroad.

The opportunity to learn in a small diverse class environment throughout first year was a huge plus for me. The classroom dynamics allowed me to seamlessly make friends within the course, many of whom are among my best friends today but also make. This has also certainly resulted in a very close-knit dynamic and I now have friends from across the globe!

The opportunity to go on Erasmus and partake in an internship programme in third year was also an attractive proposition. Although, I must admit, I never actually applied to head away. Probably testament to my brilliant “four year Erasmus” in Dublin!

Yes, most definitely. In my opinion, Trinity does a fantastic job of cultivating a true college experience. By that I mean, the vast majority of students are actively engaged in one or more societies. From speaking to my friends in other colleges, this is not always the case. I adore the campus also. It has been amazing to live in front square throughout final year.

I have loved my time at Trinity and the friends I have made will be friends for life."

Jayne Dolan

Global Business, 2016-2020

From Dublin, Ireland

"I decided to study at Trinity, because I saw it as an opportunity make the most out of my third level education experience. Trinity offers a central location where you’re in the heart of city centre. It also offers a vast amount of societies and sports clubs, where I have made the majority of my friends here. I was also attracted to Trinity as it offered me a degree in Business from a prestigious, world renowned university.

I have always a career in accounting or finance, and so I really wanted to study these subjects at university. Although Trinity doesn’t offer an undergraduate course in either of these subjects specifically, I decided to study Global Business as it would allow me to study these subjects as part of my degree, while also studying other interesting modules. I thought it was a good idea to keep my options open, as I didn’t want to corner myself into a specific career at the age of 18. Global Business allowed me to do this while still giving me the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in accounting and finance, which is why I chose this course. I also liked the fact that this course takes a specific look at ethics and cultural intelligence. I love travelling and exploring different countries and cultures, so this course was perfect for me, especially because it granted me the opportunity to do an Erasmus in Madrid!

Yes, I would highly recommend Trinity to my friends and family. I think it is a great university where there are plenty of opportunities to apply yourself and to go further in your studies as well as your personal and social life. It is a college that opens many doors for your future career, with its international reputation and mentoring programmes."

Kate Kennedy

Global Business, 2018-2022

From Dublin, Ireland

"I chose to study at Trinity because the idea of receiving a world class education in a beautiful campus in the middle of the city very much appealed to me. I was intrigued by the campus’s rich history and the strong international culture that is present around the university. I thought that studying at Trinity would be the perfect opportunity to meet many different types of interesting people from around the globe, and my experience here so far has undoubtedly lived up to my expectations.

I chose to study Global Business because I was certain that I wanted to work in the business world when graduated but I wasn’t exactly sure which exact area of business interested me the most. Global Business is a dynamic degree that allows you to sample all different fields of business. Once you find a subject that you are particularly interested in you have the ability to select modules in that area and specialise. I also wanted to keep up my French, and Global Business has provided me with the opportunity to do so. In this course you have the chance to do an internship in second year summer and to go on Erasmus in third year, both of these elements were key factors in my decision to choose this course.

I would strongly recommend studying at Trinity and studying Global Business to a friend or family member. Global Business is a small course with approximately forty students. A large proportion of the class is international students so you are bound to meet many interesting people. The small class size allows students to form great friendships with each other and the makes the class a tight-knit community. The internship in second year summer is a privilege offered exclusively to Global Business students and it is a great opportunity to gain industry experience and expertise."

Seamus Conlon

Global Business, 2018-2022

From Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts, USA

"I chose to study at Trinity for the fantastic cultural experience I thought it would provide. The college, right in the middle of one of the most vibrant cities in Europe seemed to me, alluring and an opportunity I ought not to pass up. When I was young, I used to look at atlases of the world and was intrigued by the island by ancestors came from. Going to Trinity has always been a dream of mine. Not to mention, the college has a great reputation for excellence in the study and academic discussion in all fields. I felt like once I got there I would really thrive through learning

Global business seemed like an obvious choice to me. I was studying abroad in a place that was foreign although not unfamiliar. I felt I ought to choose a course that highlighted the incredible interconnectedness we all have today with the availability of internet telecommunications, the ubiquity of global culture and how lucky we all are to do business in this environment. Global Business also offered me the chance to continue studying Spanish, something that I had found very enjoyable and enriching in high school, allowing me to read Spanish works of literature and engage with news from all over Latin America and Spain.

I absolutely would recommend trinity to someone in my position. I recently had the opportunity to show one of the alumni from my high school in the states around the trinity campus. We connected over a shared interest to experience culture outside of the bubble that we both recognized.

Trinity has been a great experience for me, allowing me to immerse myself in interesting and thought-provoking topics in the classroom and make friends from all over the world, learning from their insight along the way."

Bhavya Khera

Global Business, 2017-2021, 3rd Year

From New Delhi, India

"I decided to study in Trinity because of the global opportunities it offers. The dynamic culture combined with its international reputation really attracted me to Trinity.

I chose to study Global Business because it offers a broad exposure to various business areas which helped me to make an informed choice on my area of specialization. The faculty provides full support and share their experience to understand the real-life application of the various business concepts taught in lectures.

Trinity Business School focuses on group-based learning which is very effective in developing teamwork skills and work in cross-cultural environment.

The business societies in Trinity provide an excellent platform to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in lectures to practical situations. With its Alumni network, the Business School faculty has been extremely helpful in guiding me in my chosen career path and score summer internships in top firms. During my third year, I completed an exchange to Queen’s University Canada which provided me an understanding of North American style of working and cross-cultural understanding. I highly recommend doing an exchange as it really broadens your perspective and provides an opportunity to experience a different culture. Trinity Business School has indeed provided me various opportunities to develop my business skills and prepare myself for real-world situations.

Trinity Business School provides an excellent platform to build a strong base in chosen business area. With its global network, it provides an opportunity to network with business leaders working in top firms. Trinity places a lot of emphasis on student life and society culture, thus providing a social platform outside academics where you can meet people, gain new skills and even pursue your hobbies. Located in the heart of Dublin, it provides a vibrant and ambitious atmosphere for students to pursue their goals and lead a successful life."

Daniel Hickey

Global Business, 2019-2023, 1st Year

From Westmeath, Ireland

"I decided to study at Trinity College Dublin as I wanted to have a college experience where I could  not only have fun but also receive a  great education from a world renowned university. Trinity college offered me the opportunity to gain a world-class education coupled with the chance to meet friends from around the globe. Trinity's  clubs and societies were influential as many of them are the first of their kind. The city-centre location of trinity made my decision even easier.

I decided to study Global Business as I wanted to do a course that would allow me to pursue the many different avenues that encapsulate the business world. Global Business offers students a broad range of topics to specialise in. The study abroad opportunities were a major factor in my choice to study Global Business at Trinity. The international nature of my course has allowed me to interact with and experience various cultures first hand. I chose the course as it gives me time to discover what my favourite business subjects are. The chance to do an internship was definitely a positive for me.

I would definitely recommend studying at trinity to a friend. Student life at trinity is great ,  The workload is manageable and there is so many social events on all of the time.

Claire Nolan

Global Business, 2017-2021, 3rd Year

From Meath, Ireland

"I decided to study at Trinity because it has an excellent reputation among top employers and I knew that it would give me the opportunity to study alongside people from all over the world.

I chose to study Global Business as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue as a future career and I believed this course would give me great exposure to lots of different areas, which it has done. It is valuable to get the opportunity to study a wide range of topics, from finance, to law, to ethics, to marketing in order to decide where I am best suited and what role I would enjoy most.

This course also appealed to me as it was relatively new. My class was only the second year of the course, and I think graduates from the course will be in high-demand in the working world over the next few years.

I would definitely recommend studying at Trinity. There is a great atmosphere on campus and everyone is encouraged to use their time at university become the best versions of themselves. I would recommend my course to anyone with a general interest in how organisations function and the major opportunities and threats facing them today."

Muhammad Yousuf Akbar

Global Business, 2016-2020, 4th Year

Karachi, Pakistan

"After researching universities in Europe, I found Trinity College Dublin to be highly reputable and particularly the global business course seemed to be quite interesting and had the potential to grow. Ireland was also another factor in terms of the people who are really friendly and overall, they were also giving me a scholarship which most international students can avail off. I also found out that they have an amazing focus on extracurricular activities particularly the vast variety of societies you can join on arrival.

I wanted to find a course that gave me the chance to study variety of subjects rather than just focus on the main accounting and finance courses. I had the luxury to choose Law, History, HR, Sociology, philosophy and languages combined with the core courses of finance, accounting and economics. Also, we could go for an exchange in 3rd year for a full year or a semester anywhere in the world and we also have an opportunity to do an internship course or focus on an entrepreneurial venture.

I would definitely recommend studying at Trinity as the exposure I got was inevitable for my learning and success. There are various societies to become part off and Dublin as a whole is a highly vibrant city. The Global Business course also initiates and evolves your entrepreneurial and outside the box thinking skills that are crucial in the world that we are living in now."

Julia Cullen

Global Business, 2016-2020, 4th Year

From Dublin, Ireland

"I wanted to study at Trinity as I was always really attracted by the location of the University in the centre of the city. As well as this, the University itself is also a fantastic place to attend classes in every day and there are always fun things going on here.

I was excited to try out the new business course in Trinity as I had always been interested in the subject during secondary school. The number of Business Studies’ students is relatively small compared to other courses which helped me transition from secondary school life into 3rd-level education, it also helped me to make new friends easily. I knew that Trinity has a lot of different societies to offer and I thought that this could help me to broaden my skills and knowledge outside of the classroom too. During sixth year, when I was feeling slightly confused about what I want to do in college, the course really stood out to me as it has a wide range of modules to choose from each year, allowing the student to dictate their own individual learning path.

Yes, I definitely would. I would also especially encourage those who are considering studying business to come to Trinity as there are lots of opportunities available for business students. There are lots of finance and entrepreneurial societies to join and the new business school is great too."

Brian Harnett

Global Business, 2017-2021, 3rd Year

From Limerick, Ireland

"I wanted to study in Dublin due to the incredible job opportunities with some of the companies based here, and I chose Trinity for the outstanding academic reputation.

The first major reason was the class size. Having such a small class in first year allowed for personal attention from lecturers, felt a lot like a secondary school class which helped the transition to college, and made it very easy to get to know all of my classmates. The other most important factor was the subjects taught. The curriculum included some very interesting subjects which weren’t offered in other business courses.

To any prospective students, join a society! Trinity has some amazing business societies ranging from social entrepreneurship to finance, which give students a practical opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom, and are also a great way to make friends.

Robert Muldowney

Global Business, 2016-2020, 4th Year

From Dublin, Ireland

"The College has a great reputation both domestically and internationally for its strong performance and historical significance. Trinity’s location in the centre of town is convenient and there is always a buzz around campus. The College has beautiful grounds, including the new business school, and a lot of tradition which make it a very compelling setting for students.

I knew I wanted to study business but did not know exactly which discipline. Global Business allowed me to study a broad business degree in which I was exposed to all the various sides of business. It was a broad degree that has given me an appreciation for different business areas, and allowed me to go on a study abroad."

Ryan Clarkson

Global Business, 2018-2022, 2nd  year

From Johannesburg, South Africa

"I chose Trinity for its international reputation and the opportunity to study in such a dynamic city. I decided to study Global Business at Trinity due to the course’s focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real-world settings and innovation. My decision was also motivated by the opportunity to be a part of some of Ireland’s most active Business and Finance societies. I highly recommend Global Business at Trinity."

Tanmay Nath

From New Delhi, India, Third year student

“The Global Business programme is a unique business degree. There are a diverse range of modules such as organisational behaviour, contemporary Asian studies and personal development. The faculty are experts in their field and are very approachable. Trinity is a wonderful place to study - the campus is beautiful, the societies are among the best in the world and Dublin is a very welcoming and friendly city! Trinity Business School is one of the fastest growing business schools in the world with a great alumni network.”

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