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Bachelor in Computer Science and Business

This joint degree aims to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the technical field of computer science and at the same time to understand the fundamentals of markets, organisations and business management. The programme, which is of four years duration, will prepare students for challenging careers in either (or both), computer science and business as well as position them for postgraduate study and research if that is their desire.

In order to obtain an adequate grounding in each discipline, students will be required to complete certain mandatory courses, largely taught in the Fresh (first two) years. The Sophister (third and fourth) years will allow students to choose among various options in Business and Computer science, although there will continue to be minimum requirements in each discipline. Finally, the course organisers will structure the course insofar as practicable, in a manner that allows students to fulfil some of the requirements for professional accreditation, such as exist in accountancy and computer engineering. However, it is expected that further training or examinations will be required to achieve full accreditation.

To find out more, visit the Computer Science and Business website.

Computer Science and Business