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Research Themes

Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship

What makes people set up companies?  Will the phenomenon of freelancing continue or is it a function of the recent crises? What sort of characteristics aid and what hinder start-ups? To what extent can profit and not-for-profit organizations learn from each other? What are the challenges of managing and leveraging international and specialist workers ?  How do we foster entrepreneurship at organizational, local, regional and national level?

People in this area include: Andrew Burke, Sheila Cannon, Paul Ryan, Andre von Stehl, Denise Crossan, Mary Lee Rhodes and Gemma Donnelly-Cox.

Recent publications include:

- van Stel, A., Millán, A., Millán, J.M., Román, C.
The relationship between start-up motive and earnings over the course of the entrepreneur’s business tenure
(2017) Journal of Evolutionary Economics, pp. 1-23. Article in Press.

- Burke, A., Shaukat, A.
Establishment creation and destruction across business density cycles: US evidence
(2015) International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 11 (2), pp. 377-392.

- Giblin, M., Ryan, P.
Anchor, incumbent and late entry MNEs as propellents of technology cluster evolution
(2015) Industry and Innovation, 22 (7), pp. 553-574.

Marketing and Consumers

What do consumers want or do they know? Where does marketing management responsibility end and consumer responsibility begin? How can we best use digital means to connect with diverse consumer populations?

People in this area include: Laurent Muzellec, Norah Campbell, Mairead Brady, Sarah Browne, Kristian Myrseth.

Recent publications include:

- Claffey, E., Brady, M.
Examining consumers’ motivations to engage in firm-hosted virtual communities
(2017) Psychology and Marketing, 34 (4), pp. 356-375.

- Campbell, N., Deane, C., Murphy, P.
The sounds of nanotechnology
(2017) Nature Nanotechnology, 12 (7), pp. 606-610.

- Moran, G., Muzellec, L.
eWOM credibility on social networking sites: A framework
(2017) Journal of Marketing Communications, 23 (2), pp. 149-161.

Finance and Accounting

What is financial contagion and how does it spread? Does investing in multinational firms convey more advantages than investing across national indices? To what extent does financial integration represent a one-way process? What is the relationship between corporate statements and financial reality? What role do alternative investments have in financial planning?

People in this area include: Brian Lucey, Ranadeva Jayasekera, Neil Dunne, Elaine Laing, Aleksandar Sevic, Martha Luff and Jenny Berrill.

Recent publications include:

- Berk, A.S., Cummins, M., Dowling, M., Lucey, B.M.
Psychological price barriers in frontier equities
(2017) Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 49, pp. 1-14.

- Batten, J., Lucey, B., McGroarty, F., Peat, M., Urquhart, A.
Stylized facts of intraday precious metals
(2017) PLoS ONE, 12 (4), art. no. e0174232.

- Mullen, C., Berrill, J.
Mononationals: The diversification benefits of investing in companies with no foreign sales
(2017) Financial Analysts Journal, 73 (2), pp. 116-132.

Work and People

How do we manage increasingly diverse workforces?  How will technology drive the world of work in the next century? What does a flexible workforce embody?

People in this area include: Martin Fellenz, Mary Keating, Sarah-Jane Cullinane, Amanda Shantz, Na Fu.

Recent publications include:

- Kirrane, M., Lennon, M., O’Connor, C., Fu, N.
Linking perceived management support with employees’ readiness for change: the mediating role of psychological capital
(2017) Journal of Change Management, 17 (1), pp. 47-66.

- Cullinane, S.-J., Bosak, J., Flood, P.C., Demerouti, E.
Job crafting for lean engagement: The interplay of day and job-level characteristics
(2017) European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 26 (4), pp. 541-554.

- Bailey, C., Madden, A., Alfes, K., Shantz, A., Soane, E.
The mismanaged soul: Existential labor and the erosion of meaningful work
(2017) Human Resource Management Review, 27 (3), pp. 416-430.

- Schöpf, A.C., Martin, G.S., Keating, M.A.
Humor as a Communication Strategy in Provider-Patient Communication in a Chronic Care Setting
(2017) Qualitative Health Research, 27 (3), pp. 374-390.

Strategy and Change

What is business strategy? How does it evolve under change and how does it drive change? To what extent can we see a linkage between organisational and strategic change pressures? Is there an optimal strategy or is it contingent? What is the role of supply chains in formulating and fostering business strategy?

People in this area include: Paul Ryan,  Jim Quinn Joe McDonagh, , Padraic Regan, Louis Brennan, Sinead Roden , Stephen Onggo, Sheila Cannon.

Recent publications include:

- Cannon S.M. & Donnelly-Cox G. (2015).
Surviving the Peace: Organizational responses to deinstitutionalization of Irish Peacebuilding.
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly (NVSQ). Vol 44(2), p360-378. DOI: 10.1177/0899764013517051

- Donnelly-Cox G. & Cannon S.M. (2010).
Responses of non-profit organisations to altered conditions of support: the shifting Irish landscape.
Voluntary Sector Review. Vol 1 (3). p335-353. DOI 10.1332/204080510X538329. 

- Roden, S., Nucciarelli, A., Li, F., Graham, G.
Big data and the transformation of operations models: A framework and a new research agenda
(2017) Production Planning and Control, 28 (11-12), pp. 929-944.

CSR, Governance and Business Ethics

Do companies have a duty beyond the profit motive? If so to whom? Does corporate social responsibility add value to companies? Can we imbue an ethical culture in business? Does it matter and to whom how companies are governed? What are the ethical responsibilities of business?

People in this area include: Denise Crossan, Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Majella Giblin, Julian Friedland, Tanusree Jain, Kristian Myrseth.

Recent publications include:

- Jain, T., Aguilera, R.V., Jamali, D.
Corporate Stakeholder Orientation in an Emerging Country Context: A Longitudinal Cross Industry Analysis.

- (2017) Journal of Business Ethics, 143 (4), pp. 701-719.
Kocher, M.G., Martinsson, P., Myrseth, K.O.R., Wollbrant, C.E.
Strong, bold, and kind: self-control and cooperation in social dilemmas
(2017) Experimental Economics, 20 (1), pp. 44-69.

- Jain, T., Jamali, D.
Looking Inside the Black Box: The Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility
(2016) Corporate Governance (Oxford), 24 (3), pp. 253-273.

- Friedland, J., Cole, B.M.
From Homo-economicus to Homo-virtus: A System-Theoretic Model for Raising Moral Self-Awareness
(2017) Journal of Business Ethics, pp. 1-15. Article in Press.

International Business

How does doing business differ when we look across borders? Can firms be “born global” or must they become global? How would we measure multinationality in corporations? How can firms take advantage, or even create new markets?

People in this area include: Louis Brennan, Jenny Berrill, Laurent Muzellec, Sinead Roden, Prof Frank Barry.

Recent publications include:

- Chadha, P., Berrill, J.
An empirical investigation into the internationalization patterns of Japanese firms
(2016) Asia Pacific Business Review, 22 (4), pp. 595-611.

- Collison, P., Brennan, L., Rios-Morales, R.
Attracting Chinese Foreign Direct Investment to Small, Developed Economies: The Case of Ireland
(2017) Thunderbird International Business Review, 59 (3), pp. 401-419.

- Brennan, L., Rakhmatullin, R.
Examining the role of Global Value Chains in the context of smart specialisation strategies (S3)
(2017) PICMET 2016 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management For Social Innovation, Proceedings, art. no. 7806552, pp. 2226-2247.

Innovation, Manufacturing and Systems

How can we configure manufacturing and service systems to best serve complex societal needs? What is and what is not innovation and how can we foster a climate supportive of it? To what extend can we treat non-profit organizations as network systems? What are the boundaries of firms and organizations when we see them as networks?

People in this area include: Paul Coughlan, Louis Brennan, Sinead Roden, Andrew Burke, Guilio Buciuni, Sarah-Jane Cullinane, Mary Lee Rhodes.

Recent publications include:

- Li, F., Nucciarelli, A., Roden, S., Graham, G.
How smart cities transform operations models: A new research agenda for operations management in the digital economy
(2016) Production Planning and Control, 27 (6), pp. 514-528.

- Buciuni, G., Finotto, V.
Innovation in Global Value Chains: Co-location of Production and Development in Italian Low-Tech Industries
(2016) Regional Studies, 50 (12), pp. 2010-2023.

- Power, C., Coughlan, P., McNabola, A.
Microhydropower Energy Recovery at Wastewater-Treatment Plants: Turbine Selection and Optimization
(2017) Journal of Energy Engineering, 143 (1), art. no. 04016036.

- Coughlan, P., Draaijer, D., Godsell, J., Boer, H.
Operations and supply chain management: The role of academics and practitioners in the development of research and practice
(2016) International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 36 (12), pp. 1673-1695.

Organizational Studies

How do companies optimally configure themselves? What is the role of justice and learning within organizations?  How can organisations create and promote healthy and enjoyable working environments for employees? How can managers encourage proactive behaviour within their teams? How do stakeholders express 'who we are' as an organisation, and why does it matter? How do different organisational identities interact, clash, merge?

People in this area include: Sheila Cannon, Martin Fellenz, Mary Keating, Sarah-Jane Cullinane, Joe McDonagh, JongWoo Pak, Amanda Shantz, Na Fu.

Recent publications include:

- Cannon S.M & Kreutzer K., (2018).
Mission Accomplished? Organizational identity work in response to mission success.
Human Relations, online first, DOI: 10.1177/0018726717741677, pages 1-30

- Alfes, K., Shantz, A., Alahakone, R.
Testing additive versus interactive effects of person-organization fit and organizational trust on engagement and performance
(2016) Personnel Review, 45 (6), pp. 1323-1339.

- Khadir-Poggi, Y., Keating, M., Chandler, S.
Turning a low-performing organisation into a high-performing one through the implementation of a knowledge-based strategy
(2017) Global Business and Economics Review, 19 (4), pp. 485-504.

- Fu, N., Flood, P.C., Bosak, J., Rousseau, D.M., Morris, T., O'Regan, P.
High-Performance Work Systems in Professional Service Firms: Examining the Practices-Resources-Uses-Performance Linkage
(2017) Human Resource Management, 56 (2), pp. 329-352.