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Little HeresiesLittle Heresies is a series of events that provide opportunities for a wide audience to participate in discussing disruptive ideas to tackle societal issues.

The series exposes participants to disruptive ideas on critical societal issues. It challenges the social psychology of society as it is currently constructed. The aim is to “unstick” dominant societal arrangements and focus on how to reorganise institutions in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

We aim to host three events over the course of 2018 and expose audiences to systems approaches to change as well as create a platform for greater interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary engagement across all sectors. For further information please contact our Engagement Catalyst, Joan O'Donnell, at

Little Heresies' first event, "Unsticking the System: The Role of Banks and Banking", took place on February 22nd.

Video 1: Joan O'Donnell, Engagement Catalyst, explains the history and concept of the Little Heresies Series.

Video 2: Professor Billy Kingston, controversial veteran and author of  "How Capitalism Destroyed Itself - Technology Displaced by Financial Innovation", presents on how capitalism has been sustained by inherited moral values that are now all but exhausted. He is introduced by Professor Mary Lee Rhodes, Co-Chair of the Centre for Social Innovation. 

Video 3: Dr Olaf Brugman, Head of Sustainability of Rabobank Debt Capital Market, presents his systems ideas about unsticking the banking system while attending to consequences, including impact banking, sustainable and investment and development.


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