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The Trinity Centre for Social Innovation aims to create an open and inviting social learning space and engage with a wide variety of participants to challenge current thinking and co-create new ideas.

Little Heresies

Little Heresies

Little Heresies is a series of events that provide opportunities for a wide audience to participate in discussing disruptive ideas to tackle societal issues.

The series exposes participants to disruptive ideas on critical societal issues. It challenges the social psychology of society as it is currently constructed. The aim is to “unstick” dominant societal arrangements and focus on how to reorganise institutions in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

For further information please contact our Engagement Catalyst, Joan O'Donnell at

Upcoming Events

22nd February 2018

Our first event was entitled "Unsticking the System: The Role of Banks and Banking."

20 Feb 2019 - CSI @ Tangent 2019

Want to learn about Trinity's Center for Social Innovation?

Dr. Mary-Lee Rhodes and Dr. Gemma Donnelly-Cox​ will discuss the definition of social innovation and outline some of the operations of Trinity's Center for Social Innovation (CSI). Register

4th April 2019 - The Future of Civil Society Advocacy in Ireland

Making a difference to public policy and facing the challenge to advocacy work by community and voluntary organisations in 2019. What can new research on Ireland’s Advocacy Initiative tell us about its long-term lessons ten years on?

The Centre for Social Innovation at the Business School, Trinity College Dublin in cooperation with the Campaign for Civil Society Freedom invites you discuss the future of civil society advocacy in Ireland in the light of new research on the meaning and significance of the Advocacy Initiative.

The event will be held on 4th April, 2019 Registration (will open soon).

24th October 2019 - Social Innovation Tournament

The 8th edition of the Social Innovation Tournament (SIT) final event that will take place in Dublin, Ireland on 24 of October with this year special category topic being Sustainable consumption and sustainable production (including circular economy), further details to follow.

Recent Engagement Events

We hosted three events over the course of 2018 and exposed audiences to system approaches to change as well as createed a platform for greater interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary engagement across all sectors.

8th November 2018

How Public Sector Innovates is as Important as What it Does CSI hosted a conversation between Dr Piret Tonurist from the OECD and Dr Orlaigh Quinn, Secretary General, Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation about Systems approaches to public sector innovation. Governments are increasingly confronted by uncertain, complex and large scale challenges. Systems have become more interdependent with technology, labour and finance more interconnected between countries than ever before. As a result, it is becoming even more difficult to identify cause and effect relationships in complex problems, leading to a "complexity gap" in how we understand issues and policy options. This emerging reality calls for a new mindset in government: one that acknowledges uncertainty as part of decision making, develops an understanding of interdependencies and moves beyond input-output planning. Yes - we need to innovate, but how we innovate is just as important as what we do.

2nd February 2018

The launch event of the Trinity Centre for Social Innovation took place on February 2nd in Trinity Business School. We celebrated our range of exciting new initiatives and introduced the team, as well as engaged in a dialogue on the topic of “Social Innovation - Why Bother?”

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