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Peer Reviewed Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. 
Type Reference Year Status
Journal Article Alfes, K., Shantz, A.D. and Ritz, A. "A multilevel examination of the relationship between role overload and employee subjective health: The buffering effect of support climates", Human Resource Management, 57(2), pp. 659-673 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Batten, J.A., Lucey, B.M., McGroarty, F., Peat, M. and Urquhart, A. "Does intraday technical trading have predictive power in precious metal markets?", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 52, pp. 102-113 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Berrill, J. and Sun, S. "An investigation into the benefits of investing in Chinese multinational companies". Journal of Emerging Market Finance 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Brawn, D.A. and Sevic, A. "Firm size matters: Industry sector, firm age and volatility do too in determining which publicly-listed US firms pay a dividend", International Review of Financial Analysis, 58, pp. 132-152 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Burke, A., Millán, J.M., Román, C. and van Stel, A. "Exploring the impact of different types of prior entrepreneurial experience on employer firm performance", Journal of Business Research, 90, pp. 107-122 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Campbell, N., McHugh, G. and Ennis, P.J. "Climate change is not a problem: Speculative Realism at the end of Organization", Organization Studies 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Cannon, S. and Kreutzer, K. "Mission accomplished? Organizational identity work in response to mission success", Human Relations 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Coghlan, D. and Coughlan, P. "Yes we can: Towards assurance of learning by scholarly academics through a praxeology of the scholarhip of teaching", Action Learning: Research and Practice, pp. 1-14 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Conway, E., Monks, K., Fu, N., Alfes, K., and Bailey, K. "Reimagining alienation within a relational framework: Evidence from the public sector in Ireland and the UK", International Journal of Human Resource Management, pp. 1-22 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Corbet, S., Meegan, A., Larkin, C., Lucey, B., and Yarovaya, L. "Exploring the dynamic relationships between crytocurrencies and other financial assets", Economic Letters, 165, pp. 28-34 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Coughlan, P., Hargaden, V., Coghlan, D., Idris, A. and Ahlstrom, P. "The role of OM EDEN in building the EurOMA community", International Journal of Operations and Production Management 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Eppel, E.A. and Rhodes, M.L. "Complexity theory and public management: A 'becoming' field", Public Management Review, 20(7), pp. 949-959 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Harney, B., Fu, N. and Freeney, Y. "Balancing tensions: Buffering the impact of organisational restructuring and downsizing on employee well-being", Human Resource Management Journal, 28(2), pp. 235-254 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Hewett, R., Shantz, A., Mundy, J. and Alfes, K. "Attribution theories in human resource management research: A review and research agenda", International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(1), pp. 87-126 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Idris, A., See, D. and Coughlan, P. "Employee empowerment and job satisfaction in urban Malaysia: Connecting the dots with context and organizational change management", Journal of Organizational Change Management, 31(3), pp. 697-711 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Jayasekera, R. "Prediction of company failure: Past, present and promising directions for the future", International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, pp. 196-208 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Kgoroeadira, R., Burke, A. and van Stel, A. "Small business online loan crowdfunding: Who gets funded and what determines the rate of interest?", Small Business Economics, pp. 1-21 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lamest, M. and Brady, M. "Data-focused managerial challenges within the hotel sector", Tourism Review 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Liu, N., Laing, E., Cao, Y. and Zhang, X. "Institutional ownership and corporate transparency in China", Finance Research Letters, 24, pp. 199-220 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lucey, B.M., Vigne, S.A., Ballester, L., Barbopoulos, L., Brzeszczynski, J., Carachano, O. and Zaghini, A. "Future directions in international financial integration research - A crowdsourced perspective", International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, pp. 35-49 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Muzellec, L. and O'Raghallaigh, E. "Mobile technology and its impact on the consumer decision-making journey how brands can capture the mobile-driven "ubiquitous" moment of truth", Journal of Advertising Research, 58(1), pp. 12-15 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article O'Brien, D., Sharkey Scott, P., Andersson, U., Ambos, T. and Fu, N. "The microfoundations of subsidiary initiatives: How subsidiary manager activities unlock entrepreneurship", Global Strategy Journal 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Onggo, B.S.S., Proudlove, N.C., D'Ambrogio, S.A., Calbrese, A., Bisogno, S. and Levialdi Ghiron, N "A BPMN extension to support discrete-event simulation for healthcare applications: An explicit representation of queues, attributes and data-driven decision points", Journal of the Operational Research Society, 69(5), pp. 788-802 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Rhodes, M.L. and Dowling, C. "What insights do fitness landscape models provide for theory and practice in public administration?", Public Management Review, 20(7), pp. 997-1012 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Ryan, P., Geoghegan, W. and Hilliard R. "The microfoundations of firms' explorative innovation capabilities within the triple helix framework", Technovation 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Ryan, P., Giblin, M., Andersson, U. and Clancy, J. "Subsidiary knowledge creation in co-evolving contexts", International Business Review 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Sellberg, M.M., Ryan, P., Borgstrom, S.T., Norstrom, A.V. and Peterson, G.D. "From resilience thinking to resilience planning: Lessons from practice", Journal of Environmental Management, 217, pp. 906-918 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A., Wang, J. and Malik, A. "Disability status, individual variable pay, and pay satisfaction: Does relational and institutional trust make a difference?", Human Resource Management, 57(1), pp. 365-380 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Soane, E., Booth, J.E., Alfes, K., Shantz, A. and Bailey, C. "Deadly combinations: How leadership contexts undermine the activation and enactment of followers' high core self- evaluations in performance", European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 27(3), pp. 297- 309 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Storey, C., Kocabasoglu-Hillmer, C., Roden, S. and de Ruyter, K. "Governing embedded partner networks: Certification and partner communities in the IT sector", International Journal of Operations and Production Management 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Utomo, D.S., Onggo, B.S. and Eldridge, S. "Applications of agent-based modelling and simulation in the agri-food supply chains", European Journal of Operational Research, 269(3), pp. 794-805 2018 PUBLISHED
Journal Article van Stel, A., Millán, A., Millán, J.M. and Román, C. "The relationship between start-up motive and earnings over the course of the entrepreneur's business tenure", Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 28(1), pp. 101-123 2018 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Onggo, B.S. "Airline disruption recovery using symbiotic simulation and multi-fidelity modelling", Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, 4588-4589 2018 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Gleeson, F., Goodman, L., Hargaden, V. and Coughlan, P. "Improving worker productivity in advanced manufacturing environments", 2017 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation: Engineering, Technology and Innovation Management Beyond 2020: New Challenges, New Approaches, ICE/ITMC 2017 - Proceedings, 2018-January, 297-304 2018 PRESENTED