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Peer Reviewed Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. 
Type Reference Year Status
Journal Article Alfes, K., Antunes, B. and Shantz, A.D. "The management of volunteers - what can human resources do? A review and research agenda", International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28(1), pp. 62-97 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Bailey, C., Madden, A., Alfes, K., Shantz, A., and Soane, E. "The mismanaged soul: Existential labor and the erosion of meaningful work", Human Resource Management Review, 27(3), pp. 416-430 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Barry, F. and O'Mahony, C. "Regime change in 1950s Ireland: The new export-oriented foreign investment strategy", Irish Economic and Social History, 44(1), pp. 46-65 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Batten, J., Lucey, B., McGroarty, F., Peat, M. and Urquhart, A. "Stylized facts of intraday precious metals", PLoS ONE, 12(4) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Batten, J.A., Ciner, C., Kosedag, A. and Lucey, B.M. "Is the price of gold to gold mining stocks asymmetric?", Economic Modelling, 60, pp. 402-407 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Batten, J.A., Ciner, C. and Lucey, B.M. "The dynamic llinkages between crude oil and natural gas markets", Energy Economics, 62, pp. 155-170 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Bekiros, S., Jlassi, M., Lucey, B., Naoui, K. and Uddin, G.S. "Herding behaviour, market sentiment and volatility: Will the bubble resume?", North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 42, pp. 107-131 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Berk, A.S., Cummins, M., Dowling, M. and Lucey, B.M. "Psychological price barriers in frontier equities", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 49, pp. 1-14 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Bouwmeester, S., Verkoeijen, P.P.J.L., Aczel, B., Barbosa, F., Begue, L,. Branas-Garza, P. and Wollbrant, C.E. "Registered replication report: Rand, greene, and nowak (2012)", Perspectives on Psychological Science, 12(3), pp. 527-542 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Brady, J., Gallagher, J., Corcoran, L., Coughlan, P., and McNabola, A. "Effects of long-term flow variation on microhydropower energy production in pressure reducing valves in water distribution networks", Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 143(3) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Campbell, N., Deane, C. and Murphy, P. "The sounds of nanotechnology", Nature Nanotechnology, 12(7) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Cieslik, J. and van Stel, A. "Explaining university students' career path intentions from their current entrepreneurial exposure", Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 24(2) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Claffey, E. and Brady, M. "Examining consumers' motivations to engage in firm-hosted virtual communities", Psychology and Marketing, 34(4), pp. 356-375 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Collison, P., Brennan, L. and Rois-Morales, R. "Attracting Chinese foreign direct investment to small, developed economies: The case of Ireland", Thunderbird International Business Review, 59(3), pp. 401-419 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Conlon, T., Lucey, B.M., and Uddin, G.S. "Is gold a hedge against inflation? A wavelet time-scale perspective", Review of Quantitative Finanace and Accounting, pp. 1-29 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Corbet, S., Lucey, B., and Yarovya, L. "Datestamping the bitcoin and ethereum bubbles", Finance Research Letters 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Corcoran, L., McNabola, A. and Coughlan, P. "Predicting and quantifying the effect of variations in long-term water demand on micro-hydropower energy recovery in water supply networks", Urban Water Journal, 14(7), pp. 676-684 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Cullinane, S., Bosak, J., Flood, P.C. and Demerouti, E. "Job crafting for lean engagement: The interplay of day and job-level characteristics", European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 26(4), pp. 541-554 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Dowling, C.M., Walsh, S.D., Purcell, S.M., Hynes, W.M. and Rhodes, M.L. "Operationalising sustainability within smart cities: Towards an online sustainability indicator tool", International Journal of E-Planning Research, 6(4), pp. 1-17 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Friedland, J. and Cole, B.M. "From Homo-economicus to Homo-virtus: A system-theoretic model for raising moral self-awareness", Journal of Business Ethics, pp. 1-15 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Fu, N., Flood, P.C., Bosak, J., Rousseau, D.M., Morris, T., and O'Regan, P. "High-performance work systems in professional service firms: Examining the practices-resources-uses-performance linkage", Human Resource Management, 56(2), pp. 329-352 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Holohan, J. and McDonagh, J. "A practice-based methodology to enlighten strategic alignment research" 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Jain, T. "Decoupling corporate social orientations: A cross-national analysis", Business and Society, 56(7), pp. 1033-1067 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Jain, T., Aguilera, R.V. and Jamali, D. "Corporate stakeholder orientation in an emerging country context: A longitudinal cross industry analysis", Journal of Business Ethics, 143(4), pp. 701-719 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Kaphahn, L. and Brennan, L. "Reassessing the risk conditions for political instability in the light of the Arab Spring", Journal of Risk Research, 20(11), pp. 1497-1515 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Khadir-Poggi, Y., Keating, M. and Chandler, S. "Turning a low-performing organisation into a high-performing one through the implementation of a knowledge-based strategy", Global Business and Economics Review, 19(4), pp. 485-504 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Kim, S., Lucey, B.M. and Wu, E. "Dynamics of bond market integration between established and new European Union countries. Information spillovers and market integration in international finance", Empirical Analyses, pp. 369-389 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Kirrane, M., Lennon, M., O'Connor, C. and Fu, N. "Linking perceived management support with employees' readiness for change: The mediating role of psychological capital", Journal of Change Management, 17(1), pp. 47-66 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Kocher, M.G., Martinsson, P., Myrseth, K.O.R. and Wollbrant, C.E. "Strong, bold, and kind: Self-control and cooperation in social dilemmas", Experimental Economics, 20(1), pp. 44-69 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Li, S. and Lucey, B.M. "Reassessing the role of precious metals as safe havens - What colour is your haven and why?", Journal of Commodity Markets, 7, pp.1-14 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lucey, B. and O'Connor, F. "Are gold bugs coherent?", Applied Economics Letter, 24(2), pp. 90-94 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lucey, B.M., Sharma, S.S. and Vigne, S.A. "Gold and inflation(s) - A time-varying relationship", Economic Modelling, 67, pp. 88-101 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lydon, T., Coughlan, P. and McNabola, A. "Pressure management and energy recovery in water distribution networks: Development of design and selection methodologies using three pump-as-turbine case studies", Renewable Energy, 114, pp. 1038-1050 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lydon, T., Coughlan, P. and McNabola, A. "Pump-as-turbine: Characterization as an energy recovery device for the water distribution network", Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 143(8) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Lynn, T., Muzellec, L., Caemmerer, B. and Turley, D. "Social network sites: Early adopters' personality and influence", Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(1), pp. 42-51 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Moran, G. and Muzellec, L. "eWOM credibility on social networking sites: A framework", Journal of Marketing Communications, 23(2), pp. 149-161 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Mullen, C. and Berrill, J. "Mononationals: The diversification benefits of investing in companies with no foreign sales", Financial Analysts Journal, 73(2), pp. 116-132 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Mullen, C. and Berrill, J. "The importance of firm level multinationality in the country versus industry debate", Journal of Finance and Economics, 22(4), pp. 403-420 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Murphy, J., Rhodes, M.L., Meek, J.W. and Denyer, D. "Managing the entaglement: Complexity leadership in public sector systems", Public Administration Review, 77(5), pp. 692-704 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Myrseth, K.O.R. and Wollbrant, C.E. "Cognitive foundations of cooperation revisited: Commentary on Rand et al. (2012, 2014)", Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Economics, 69, pp. 133-138 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article O'Leary, D., Coughlan, P., Rigg, C. and Coghlan, D. "Turning to case studies as a mechanism for learning in action learning", Action Learning: Research and Practice, 14(1), pp. 3-17 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Okamuro, H., van Stel, A. and Verheul, I. "Understanding the drivers of an 'entrepreneurial' economy: Lessons from Japan and the Netherlands", Exploring the entrepreneurial society institutions, behaviours and outcomes, pp. 3-21 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Onggo, B.S. "Social amplification of risk framework: An agent-based approach" 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Power, C., Coughlan, P., and McNabola, A. "Microhydropower energy recovery at wastewater-treatment plants: Turbine selection and optimization", Journal of Energy Engineering, 143(1) 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Prober, S.M., Colloff, M.J., Abel, N., Crimp, S., Doherty, M.D., Dunlop, M. and Williams, K.J. "Informing climate adaptation pathways in multi-use woodland landscapes using the values-rules-knowledge framework", Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 241, pp. 39-53 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Proudlove, N.C., Bisogno, S., Onggo, B.S.S., Calabrese, A. and Levialdi Ghiron, N. "Towards fully-facilitated discrete event simulation modelling: Addressing the model coding stage", European Journal of Operational Research, 263(2), pp. 583-595 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Regan, P. "Flying on course: Public-sector innovation at Shannon airport", International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 18(2), pp. 128-135 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Roden, S., Nucciarelli, A., Li, F. and Graham, G. "Big data and the transformation of operations models: A framwork and a new research agenda", Production Planning and Control, 28(11-12), pp. 929-944 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Román, C., Millán, A., Millán, J.M. and van Stel, A. "Does the effectiveness of employment incentive programs vary by firm size?", Journal of Economic Issues, 51(1), pp. 222-237 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Saskida, T., Alfes, K. and Shantz, A. "Volunteer role mastery and commitment: Can HRM make a difference?", International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28(14), pp. 2062-2084 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Schopf, A.C., Martin, G.S. and Keating, M.A. "Humor as a communication strategy in provider-patient communication in a chronic care setting", Qualitative Health Research, 27(3), pp. 374-390 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A. "Coming full circle: Putting engagement into practice", Organizational Dynamics, 46(2), pp. 65-66 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Stewart, J. "MNE tax strategies and Ireland", Critical Perspectives on International Business 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Stewart, J. and Doyle, C. "The measurement and regulation of shadow banking in Ireland", Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 25(4), pp. 396-412 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Vigne, S.A., Lucey, B.M., O'Connor, F.A. and Yarovaya, L. "The financial economics of white precious metals - A survey", International Review of Financial Analysis, 52, pp. 292-308 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Yarlagadda, R., Bailey, C., Shantz, A., Brione, P. and Zheltoukhova, K. "Purposeful leadership for the future police service", International Journal of Emergency Services, 6(3), pp. 200-208 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. "An empirical study of the innovative culture in Ireland's higher education institutions", Higher Education Policy, 30(4), pp. 533-553 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. "The economic impact of higher education institutions", Economic Insights on higher education policy in Ireland: Evidence from a public system, pp. 199-219 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. "The economic impact of higher education institutions in Ireland: Evidence from disaggregated input-output tables", Studies in Higher Education, 42(9), pp. 1601-1623 2017 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Zhang, Q., Larkin, C. and Lucey, B.M. "Universities, knowledge exchange and policy: A comparative study of Ireland and the UK", Science and Public Policy, 44(2), pp. 174-185 2017 PUBLISHED
Book Chapter Wennekers, S. and van Stel, A. "Types and roles of productive entrepreneurship: A conceptual study", The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship, pp. 37-69 2017 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Rhodes-Leader, L., Onggo, B.S., Worthington, D.J. and Nelson, B.L. "Airline disruption recovery using symbiotic simulation and multi-fidelity modelling", Proceedings of the Operational Research Society Simulation Workshop 2018, SW 2018, 146-155 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Pivec, M., Grundler, J., Admiraal, W., Alemi, M., All, A. and Zorina, A. "Preface. Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Games Based Learning", ECGBL 2017, viii-x 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Monks, T., Currie, C., Onggo, B.S., Kunc, M., Robinson, S. and Taylor, S.J.E. "The simulation reproducibility crisis. Can reporting guidelines help?", Proceedings of the Operational Research Society Simulation Workshop 2018, SW 2018, 211-218 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Liu, Y., Busby, J. and Onggo, B.S. "Modelling social risk amplification during recall crises", Simulation Series, 49(5), pp. 37-48 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Karatas, M. and Onggo, B.S. "Validating an integer non-linear program optimization model of a wireless sensor network using agent-based simulation", Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, 1340-1351 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Ioannidis, P., Onggo, B.S., Higgins, M. and Ladbrook, J. "Input model uncertainty assessment: A study within the automotive industry", Proceedings of the Operational Research Society Simulation Workshop 2018, SW 2018, 98-104 2017 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Eldabi, T., Balaban, M., Brailsford, So., Mustafee, N., Nance, R.E., Onggo, B.S. and Sargent, R.G. "Hybrid simulation: Historical lessons, present challenges and futures", Hybrid simulation: Historical lessons, present challenges and futures. Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, 1388-1403 2017


Conference Paper Brennan, L. and Rakhmatullin, R. "Examining the role of global value chains in the context of smart specialisation strategies (S3)", PICMET 2016 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management for Social Innovation, Proceedings, 2226-2247 2017 PRESENTED