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Peer Reviewed Publications (Click here to view our Non-Peer Reviewed Publications)

Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. 
Type Reference Year Status
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Towards a taxonomy of impression management strategies for audit, UCD Accountancy Doctoral Studies Seminar ,University College Dublin, 3rd June 2015 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Impression management in the advertising practices of audit firms, Doctoral Conference of the British Accounting and Finance Association, University of Manchester,23rd March 2015 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Impression management by audit firms - advertisements, Doctoral Colloquium of the Irish Accounting and Finance Association , Dublin Institute of Technology , 13th May 2015 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Impression management in the advertisements of audit firms, Financial Reporting and Business Communication Conference, University of Bristol, 3rd July 2015 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Rios-Morales Ruth,, ‘A Critical Assessment of the HIPC Debt Initiative: The Nicaraguan Case’, 12th Global Finance Conference,Trinity College Dublin, 27th-29th June 2005 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Ruth Rios-Morales, Structural Weakness in the HIPCs: Hindrances to Economic Growth and Poverty, Global Finance Conference, Rio de Janeiro, April 26-28 2006, edited by Prof Ricardo Leal , 2006 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Ruth Rios-Morales and Francisco Azuaje , Political Risk Assessment and the Good Governance Indicators, INFINITI, Dublin, 2006 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Crossan, D., Van Til, J., Towards a Classification of Not-for-Profit Organisations: Empirical Findings, 37th ARNOVA Conference,Philadelphia, USA, November 2008 ACCEPTED
Conference Paper Onggo, B.S. and Karatas, M. Agent-based model of maritime search operations: A validation using test-driven simulation modelling. Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, February, 254-265 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Onggo, B.S. An introduction to agent-based simulation as a decision-support tool. Proceedings of the Operational Research Society Simulation Workshop 2016, SW 2016, 1-12 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Rituals of verification: impression management and the audit profession, Centre for Impression Management in Accounting Communication (CIMAC) conference, London, 6th June 2014 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Neil J. Dunne, Auditing and impression management, The 12th INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Monash University Prato Centre, Prato, Italy, 10th June 2014 PRESENTED
Conference Paper R. Rios-Morales, L. Brennan, D. Gamberger and M. Schweizer, Ex-ante Assessment of an EU-China Free trade Agreement, 7th Annual Euromed Conference of the Euromed Academy of Business, Kristiansand, Norway, September, 2014, edited by D. Vrontis, Y. Weber and E. Tsoukatos , pp1523 - 1534 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper F. Ahmed and L. Brennan, The Impact of Founder’s Human Capital on the Accelerated, 40th Annual European International Business Association Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, December, 2014, edited by Rian Drogendjk , pp34 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Schöpf, A., Martin, G. S., Keating, M. A., Humor as a Communication Strategy in Provider-Patient Communication in a Chronic Care Setting, Qualitative Health Research ACCEPTED
Journal Article Freeney, Y. & O’Connell, M.F., The intention to leave education early among Irish Junior Certificate Students: Variation by school. , Irish Educational Studies IN_PRESS
Journal Article Freeney, Y. & O'Connell, M.F., The Predictors of the Intention to Leave School Early among a representative sample of Irish second-level students, British Educational Research Journal ACCEPTED
Journal Article Jui-Kuei Chen; I-Shuo Chen, Don't Worry, I'm With You: Can Visionary Leadership Release Neurotic Employees for More Perceived Innovative Interactions?, Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, TBD, (TBD), pTBD - TBD ACCEPTED
Journal Article Jui-Kuei Chen; I-Shuo Chen, A Theory of Innovation Resource Synergy, Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, TBD, (TBD), pTBD - TBD ACCEPTED
Journal Article Hughes, J. & McDonagh, J., Re-imagining the Strategic Information Systems Planning Literature: A Review Conducted Through a Strategy-as-Practice Lens, Communications of the AIS SUBMITTED
Journal Article Holohan, J. & McDonagh, J. , Towards a Practice-Based Perspective on the Strategic Alignment Literature, Communications of the AIS SUBMITTED
Journal Article Schopf A.C., Martin G.S., and Keating M.A., Humour as a Communication Strategy in provider-patient communication in a chronic care setting, Qualitative Health Research, p1-27 ACCEPTED
Journal Article Alfes, K., Shantz, A. and van Baalen, S. Reducing perceptions of overqualification and its impact on job satisfaction: The dual roles of interpersonal relationships at work. Human Resource Management Journal, 26(1), pp. 84-101 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A., Alfes, K., and Arevshatian, L. HRM in healthcare: The role of work engagement. Personnel Review, 45(2), pp. 274-295 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A., Arevshatian, L., Alfes, K., and Bailey, C. The effect of HRM attributions on emotional exhaustion and the mediating roles of job involvement and work overload. Human Resource Management Journal, 26(2), pp. 172-191 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A., Saksida, T. and Alfes, K. Dedicating time to volunteering: Values, engagement, and commitment to beneficiaries. Applied Psychology, 63(4), pp. 671-697 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Shantz, A., Alfes, K., and Latham, G.P. The buffering effect of perceived organizational support on the relationship between work engagement and behavioural outcomes. Human Resource Management, 55(1), pp. 25-38 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Son, B., Kocabasoglue-Hillmer, C. and Roden, S. A dyadic perspective on retailer-supplier relationships through the lens of social capital. International Journal of Production Economics, 178, pp. 120-131 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Onggo, B.S. and Karatas, M. Test-driven simulation modelling: A case study using agent-based maritime search-operation simulation. European Journal of Operational Research, 254(2), pp. 517-531 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Busby, J.S., Onggo, B.S.S. and Liu, Y. Agent-based computational modelling of social risk responses. European Journal of Operational Research, 251(3), pp. 1029-1042 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Buciuni, G. and Finotto, V. Innovation in global value chains: Co-location of production and development in Italian low-tech industries. Regional Studies, 50(12), pp. 2010-2023 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Coughlan, P., Coghlan, D., O'Leary, D., Rigg, C. and Barrett, D. Supporting sustainability through developing a learning network among traditional food producers: Applications of action learning PUBLISHED
Journal Article Coughlan, P., Draaijer, D., Godsell, J. and Boer, H. Operations and supply chain management: The role of academics and practitioners in the development of research and practice. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 36(12), pp. 1673-1695 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Myrseth, K.O.R. and Wollbrant, C.E. Commentary: Fairness is intuitive. Frontiers in Psychology, 7 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Myrseth, K.O.R. and Wollbrant, C.E. Models inconsistent with altruism cannot explain the evolution of human cooperation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(8), E2472 PUBLISHED
Journal Article O'Hagan-Luff, M. and Berrill, J. US firms - how global are they? A longitudinal study. International Review of Financial Analysis, 44, pp. 205-216 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Zhang, H., Liang, X. and Wang, S. Customer value anticipation product innovativeness, and customer lifetime value: The moderating role of advertising strategy. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), pp. 3725-3720 PUBLISHED
Journal Article O'Connor, F.A., Lucey, B.M. and Baur, D.G. Do gold prices cause producation costs? International evidence from cuntry and company data. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 40, pp. 186-196 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Muzellec, L., Feenstra, F., de Faultrier, B., and Boulay, J. Children's experiences and parents' perceptions of ratailers' mobile applications. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 44(11), pp. 1118-1131 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Liu, W., Guo, F., Ye, G. and Liang, X. How homepage aesthetic design influences users' satisfaction: Evidence from China, 42, pp. 25-35 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Monks, K., Conway, E., Fu, N., Bailey, K., Kelly, G. and Hannon, E. Enhancing knowledge exchange and combination through HR practices: Reflexivity as a translation process. Human Resource Management Journal, 26(3), pp. 304-320 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Montanola-Sales, C., Onggo, B.S.S., Casanovas-Garcia, J., Cela-Espín, J.M. and Kaplan-Marcusán, A. Approaching parallel computing to simulating population dynamics in demography. Parallel Computing, 59, pp. 151-170 PUBLISHED
Journal Article McQuillan, W. and Lucey, B. The validity of Islamic art as an investment. Research in International Business and Finance, 36, pp. 388-401 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Mac an Bhaird, C., Vidal, J.S. and Lucey, B. Discouraged borrowers: Evidence for eurozone SMEs. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 44, pp. 46-55 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Li, F., Nucciarelli, A., Roden, S., and Graham, G. How smart cities transform operations models: A new research agenda for operations management in the digital economy. Production Planning and Control, 27(6), pp. 514-528 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Khoja, L., Chipulu, M., and Jayasekera, R. Analysing corporate insolvency in the gulf cooperation council using logistic regression and multidimensional scaling. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 46(3), pp. 483-518 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Jain, T. and Jamali, D. Looking inside the black box: The effect of corporate governance on corporate social responsibility. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 24(3), pp. 253-273 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Hoogendoorn, B., Rietveld, C.A. and van Stel, A. Belonging, believing, bonding, and behaving: The relationship between religion and business ownership at the country level. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 26(3), pp. 519-550 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Hauptfleisch, M. Putnins, T.J. and Lucey, B. Who sets the price of gold? London or New York. Journal of Futures Markets, 36(6), pp. 564-586 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Durand, R.B., Laing, E. and Thao Ngo, M. The disciplinary role of leverage: Evidence from East Asian cross-border acquirer's returns. Finance Research Letters, 18, pp. 83-88 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Fu, N., Ma, Q., Flood, P.C., Bosak, J., Liu, Y. and Zhang, Y. When East meets West: Comparing the utilization of high-performance work systems in Chinese and Irish professional service firms. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 54(1), pp. 8-31 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Fellenz, M.R. Forming the professional self: Bildung and the ontological perspective on professional education and development. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 48(3), pp. 267-283 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Dowling, M., Cummins, M. and Lucey, B.M. Psychological barriers in oil futures markets. Energy Economics, 53, pp. 293-304 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Corcoran, L. McNabola, A. and Coughlan, P. Optimization of water distribution networks for combined hydropower energy recovery and leakage reduction. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 142(2) PUBLISHED
Journal Article Conway, E., Fu, N., Monks, K., and Bailey, C. Demands or resources? The relationship between HR practices, employee engagement, and emotional exhaustion within a hybrid model of employment relations. Human Resource Management, 55(5), pp. 901-917 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Chadha, P. and Berrill, J. An empirical investigation into the internationalization patterns of Japanese firms. Asia Pacific Business Review, 22(4), pp. 595-611 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Caffrey, E. and McDonagh, J. Aligning strategy and information technology. Educational leadership and administration: Concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications (pp. 1682-1711) PUBLISHED
Journal Article Alfes, K., Shantz, A. and Bailey, C. Enhancing your volunteer engagement to achieve desirable outcomes: What can non-profit employers do? Voluntas, 27(2) pp. 595-617 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Alfes, K., Shantz, A. and Alahakone, R. Testing additive versus interactive effects of person-organisation fit and organizational trust on engagement and performance. Personnel Review 45(6), 1323-1339


Journal Article Batten, J.A. Lucey, B.M. and Peat, M. Gold and silver manipulation: What can be empirically verified? Economic Modelling, 56, pp. 168-176 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Barry, F., Barry, L. and Menton, A. Tariff-jumping foreign direct investment in protectionist era Ireland. Economic History Review, 69(4), pp. 1285-1308 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Bakir, C. and Brennan, L. Emerging multinationals in Europe: What have we learnt? Emerging market multinationals in Europe, pp. 249-255 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Albiol-Sanchez, J. and van Stel, A. Investigating the impact of small versus large firms on economic performance of countries and industries. Contemporary entrepreneurship: Multidisciplinary perspectives on innovation and growth (pp. 51-73) PUBLISHED
Journal Article Abel, N., Wise, R.M., Colloff, M.J., Walker, B.H., Butler, J.R.A., Ryan, P. and O'Connell, D., Building resilient pathways to transformation when "no one is in charge": Insights from Australia's murray-darling basin. Ecology and Society, 21(2) PUBLISHED
Proceedings of a Conference Bell, J., Morrow, T. & Crossan, D. (Eds.)(ed.), 6th McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, Conference Proceedings, University of Ulster, Magee , 2003 PUBLISHED
Working Paper Rios-Morales Ruth, Structural Weakness in Nicaragua : Hindrances to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction PUBLISHED
Working Paper Rios-Morales Ruth, 'Structural Weakness in Nicaragua : Hindrances to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction' PUBLISHED
Book Kotler, P., Keller, K., Brady, M., Goodman, M., and Hansen, T,,Marketing Management, 3rd Edition, London, Pearson , 2016, 850 pagespp 2016 IN_PRESS
Book Chapter Rebranding in, editor(s)Craig E. Carroll , The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, SAGE Publications Inc, 2016, [Muzellec. L.] 2016 IN_PRESS
Journal Article Khadir-Poggi Y. & Keating M.A., , Intellectual capital, knowledge management , knowledge economies and innovation: the case of small asset management firms in Ireland, International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 2016 2016 IN_PRESS

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

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Non Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. Total: 316
Type Reference Year Status
Conference Paper Ibbotson, P., Crossan, D., and Fahy, M, Bridging the Digital Divide: Why SME Development Agencies need to take a long look in the E-Mirror, Irish Academy of Management, Dublin, September 2001 PRESENTED
Conference Paper Stevens, L., Borgerson, J. & Crossan, D. , Gender Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Conference Proceedings, 8th GMCB Conference, Edinburgh, 2006 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Brian Lucey, Measuring and Managing Integration : What do we know, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Forthcoming IN_PRESS
Review See Peer Reviewed Section for up to 80 publications from 2000 to 2015 including text books, journal articles, conference papers. This section below is only non peer reviewed. PUBLISHED
Working Paper Rios-Morales Ruth, ‘International Business Strategies’ IBEREMA, DGA (Local Government of Aragon) April 2001 PUBLISHED
Working Paper ‘Internationalisation of SMEs’ Second Edition UNIVERSA, Universidad de Zaragoza, February 2002., Rios-Morales Ruth PUBLISHED
Working Paper Rios-Morales Ruth, Hindrances to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction IN_PRESS
Working Paper Crossan, D., Bell, J., Ibbotson, P, Towards a Classification Framework for Social Enterprises ACCEPTED