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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. 
Type Reference Year Status
Book Chapter Structure and Policy in Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Human Factors Implications in, editor(s)W. Karwowski, H.R. Parsaei and M.R. Wilhelm , Ergonomics of Hybrid Automated Systems I, Elsevier, 1988, pp85-92 , [M. Louis Brennan] 1988 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Louis Brennan and M.E.J. O'Kelly, Manpower Trends in the Electronic Subassembly Industry, Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the Irish Manufacturing Committee on Advances in Manufacturing Technology, Belfast, September 1988, edited by A.S. Bahrani , The Queen's University of Belfast, 1988, pp704 - 723 1988 PUBLISHED
Journal Article William Kingston, Community R&D Funding: the U.S. Shows a Better Way, European Affairs, 2, (4), 1988, p137 - 142 1988 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Jim Stewart, The Sectorial Distribution of Corporate Profits in Ireland 1975-84, Journal of Irish Business and Administrative Research, 9, 1988, p46-58 1988 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Gerard McHugh, Capital Budgeting in Irish Hospitals - some empirical evidence - an extended comment, Administration, (2), 1988, p127-133 1988 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Brian M Lucey, Efficiency In The Foreign Exchange Market - An Application Of Cointegration, Economic and Social Review, 20, (1), 1988, p25 - 36 1988 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Paul Coughlan, Vendor management: a focus on specifications,Purchasing Management, 1988, p33-41 1988 PUBLISHED